Review of the liquid cooling system Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360

Review of the liquid cooling system Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360

Good dropsy is a cherry on a cake that crings any confident gaming assembly. Of course, you can continue to break the spears on the battlefield called COO or Air, but, in fact, the option with liquids is nevertheless considered canonical: no one dreams of pushing the larger tower into their systematic.

But a good COO for three fans-it can even be. At the same time, the gaming light illumination decisions that have already become a lady in the first place are not always in the first place. Rather, in the vast majority of cases I want the opposite-so that the device attracts as little attention as possible, and is simply effective.

In our review today, we will just talk about one of these solutions-the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 liquid cooling system.


  • Compatibility with processors: Intel LGA115X/1200/2011-3/2066 AMD AM4/AM3 (+)
  • Radiator material: an aluminum three-section radiator with ribbon-type ribs
  • Material of a water block: a plastic case with a copper base
  • The dimensions of the radiator (DHSHHV), mm: 398 x 120 x 38
  • Fan dimensions (DHSHHV), mm: 120 x 120 x 25
  • The size of the water block fan, mm: 40
  • The size of the water block, (DHSHHV), mm: 97 x 78 x 53
  • The total weight of the system, gram: 1687
  • The speed of the pump, rpm: 800 ~ 2000 with shim
  • The speed of the water block fan, rpm: 1000 ~ 3000 with shim
  • Fan rotation speed, rpm: 200 ~ 1800 s shim
  • Peak power consumption of the water block, W: 0.5 (pump)-2.7 (fan)
  • Warranty: 6 years

A device in a overall blue gearbox is supplied, on which you can find both the image of the COO itself and everything necessary for brief familiarization with the contents of the information. The kit, except as comprehensive, cannot be called, although, in fairness, this is a common practice for sets of dropsy. Here we have:

* Manual (he is also a brochure in which you can leave your review about the device)
* Fasteners for AMD AM4 sockets (2 pieces)
* Universal mounts for a water block (2 pieces)
* Intel LGA115X/1200 (Metal)

  • Rifle racks for jukets Intel LGA115X/1200 (4 pieces)
  • Radiator screws (12 pieces)
  • racks for cokes Intel LGA2011-3/2066 (4 pieces)
  • nuts for a cross screwdriver (4 pieces)
  • screw racks for AMD AM3 sockets (4 pieces)
  • screws for fixing water block mounts (2 pieces)
  • screws for fans (12 pieces)
  • Plastic gaskets (12 pieces)
  • Thermal paste Arctic MX-4 (1 piece)
  • screws for AMD AM3 sockets (4 pieces)
  • screws for AMD AM4 (4 pieces)
  • Electro insulating gaskets for an amplifying plate (8 pieces)

Despite the fact that the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 is deprived of any familiar gaming decorations, you can’t refuse the device in a kind of severe attractiveness, even thoroughness, or, if you like, brutality. A massive radiator with straight angles, large fans, hoses, nickelled fittings-all this looks very solid.

Especially considering the fact that you can evaluate the scale right away: you get a single one from the box already assembled. Yes, you don’t have to bother, screwing and connecting the fans-all this has already done for us. All that remains to do is install the device in the case, put the water block on the processor and connect the power cable.

Such simplicity and thoughtfulness are, of course, a solid plus in the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 piggy bank. It would always captivate it.

We have a three-section radiator here with three sets of fasteners for 120-mm fans. Ribbon type, in the presence of 12 channels with a refrigerant. The tubes are quite large, in a soft braid with a pattern. The whole thing is attached to the radiator and water block through the above nickelled fittings.

Three fans here are Arctic P12 PWM with hydrodynamic bearings and five long, curved blades. Range of speeds-200 to 1800 rpm (with SHIM). At the same time, the fans work surprisingly almost silently: against the general background of the entire system, they are actually practically inaccurate (only at maximum speeds).

A plastic water block has a non-standard multifaceted shape. The hoses are attached to him from above. Immediately you can find an additional small fan (40 mm, from 1000 to 3000 rpm with PWM) for blowing circuits. And now he, despite the size, is quite noisy (at full speed).

The contact sole is copper, square (almost-40 x 44 mm), is attached by means of four screws with a cross hat.

Well, in order to power all this, as already mentioned, one four-pin cable 280 mm long. It is connected to the CPU FAN connector on the motherboard.

traditionally summarize

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 liquid cooling system, as the tests show, copes with its main task-to cool the system. Moreover, we are talking about a truly hot game assembly, which is able to put, as they say, on the shoulder blades of any representative of both COOs and air.

Here we see excellent results and, importantly, almost no noise. A more or less distinguishable noise occurs only when fans reach maximum speed as part of extreme testing. The rest of the time you will forget to think that a three-section beast is installed under the hood.

So, quiet, productive, easy in assembly, with a six-year guarantee… What is left with us? Perhaps the price. At the time of publication, purchase from 13,000 rubles, so we can safely recommend for familiarization with the subsequent purchase-you definitely will not regret it.

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