Yakiniku Simulator to switch/mobile!
 Equivalent to each dish of ribs, zero calories no matter how much you bake

Yakiniku Simulator to switch/mobile! Equivalent to each dish of ribs, zero calories no matter how much you bake

The yakiniku Simulation, which is being distributed at Steam, which was introduced on this site and became a hot topic (?) In the streets, is newly published by Frey High Works, the title name ** Yakiniku Simulator (Yakiniku Simulator. It has been announced that it will be renamed Yakiniku Simulator) and will be distributed to Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android. The switch/iOS/Android version is scheduled to be distributed within 2022. Furthermore, in conjunction with this announcement, the price of the Steam version will be changed to 499 yen, which is equivalent to one dish of ribs from July 15.

◆ That yakiniku Simulation Yakiniku Simulator will be distributed to Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android!

Development of Banchou Tactics based in Bangkok, Thailand, developed by Studio SECRET CHARACTOR, a popular yakiniku game (Yakiniku Simulator (Yakiniku Simulator (Yakiniku Simulator). Here are some of the new responsibilities, and that the Nintendo Switch version and mobile version (iOS/Android) will be released and will be released this year.

In addition, with this announcement, we will inform you that the title name will be changed and the selling price will be changed to one dish equivalent (499 yen).

● Change the title name
[Old] Yakiniku Simulation → [New] Yakiniku Simulator
● Change price
[Old] 205 yen → [New] 499 yen
* Price changes will be implemented from Friday, July 15, 2022. Until then, you can purchase at the old price.

■ Game introduction

Are you hungry? Want to eat yakiniku? But are you worried about calories? In such a case, Yakiniku Simulator! Beef tongue, harami, upper ribs, and ribs are waiting for you! Yakiniku Simulator has zero calories no matter how much you bake! Let’s bake as much as you want!
* Please prepare rice and beer as needed.


■ Mode introduction

  • Score Challenge-Let’s bake a lot within the time limit! Extend time if it burns well!
  • Time Attack-Bake a lot and compete for the time to reach the target score!
  • Free mode-Bake until you are ready! You can adjust the heat!

■ Future update schedule

In the Steam version of Yakiniku Simulator, Harami Master Mode, Great Eating Combo Mode, Yakiniku Bougyo Mode, and Online Multi Mode will be updated. We hope you will continue to pay attention while baking meat.

Steam store page: *
Compatible platform (scheduled to be distributed in 2022): **
Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android

(C) Secret Character

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