Trials of the Dragon King es el primer DLC de Stranger of Paradise

Trials of the Dragon King es el primer DLC de Stranger of Paradise

Square Enix and Team Ninja have announced that Trials of the Dragon King , the first DLC of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin , will be published on July 20.

This expansion is the first of the three that are planned for the game, and adds jobs, weapons, accessories and a new team category. These new elements should give a small breath of fresh air to the loote in order to overcome the new missions, with totally new zones and challenges to explore.

There will be two more additional contents, I say, but for now we only know their titles: Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future. Neither approximate launch date nor any more information.

As little, it will be an opportunity to revive the grindeo in a much more robust game than its deranged nature can suggest, and much more deranged than it would almost be good to be so that it can be considered a legitimately good game. As it is, however, it is perfect; It is a rarity that I personally enjoy remembering and defending, because yes: it is very rare and it is not always easy to know if it is on purpose or by mistake, but it is also an action game in which the signature and experience of the study signed by Ninja Gaiden and Nioh. We wrote in its day the following:

Far from the most ceremonious rhythms of the final Final Fantasy, Stranger of Paradise is presented as a direct rpg_ action and on the simple role, in which we advance by a series of levels with a principle and end in the form of final form boss; ATTAGES, Interconnections and Minilaberintos apart (the welcome influence of the Souls that Team Ninj The reflexes that nothing else. The combat system is about to be redundant for anyone who has played Nioh 2, but I think it gets rid of the self-replagium due House of the creators of Ninja Gaiden.

You can read the complete analysis here.

If the audio format enrolls, we also talk about Stranger of Paradise in the Reload podcast. You can find the analysis below, from two and a half hours of program:

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