Pokemon Go: without running – pointers

Pokemon Go: without running – pointers

Pokémon GO: These features additionally work from the sofa

Wild Pokémon can also appear on the couch from time to time if you play Pokémon Go at house with a stable WLAN connection. Nevertheless, this only functions if you can likewise get to a Pokéstop without running from which you get brand-new Poké spheres, berries and more. If you even have accessibility to a sector, it works even better.


Along with a couple of field study that you can not complete in Pokémon Go without moving, you will not hatch any type of eggs. This seizes the day to get some Pokémon, which you just receive from the Poké eggs.

GPS-Cheat: Present activity in Pokémon Go

It works even much easier with a rip off: This leaves the game in belief that they would relocate, also if they are resting at the desk. The GPS fake permits you to use all functions of Pokémon Go without having to move. The cheat should be taken pleasure in with caution-if the supplier Niantic obtains your technique, your account will certainly be prohibited as well as you have to start once again at instructor degree 1.

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