Discussion broke out over Steve Tournament BAN in Smash Bra SP.
 Japanese players are too strong

Discussion broke out over Steve Tournament BAN in Smash Bra SP. Japanese players are too strong

In the neighborhood of Smash Bros. SPECIAL (hereinafter, Smash Bra SP), there is a debate over Steve/Alex (hereinafter, Steve). The result was the result of the Smash Bra SP tournament THE GIMVITATIONAL held in the United States. Based on the results of this tournament, there have been voices calling for the ban on Steve tournaments from Minecraft and criticizing such voices.

The Gimvitational is an invitation-based tournament held in the United States from June 17 to 20. Lights, Sparg0, Ridden players and TWEEK players are participating in the world tournament, and the ryu users are also players, Ness Usage, and Steve Use Cola. The name was invited and participated. As the strong man was crowded, A Cola won the championship. In response to this result, some players used a #bansteve hashtag, which calls out Steve from the tournament. Discussions have occurred over Steve’s treatment.


Too bright Steve

The spark of Steve BAN discussions was sparked by the player Karthik Lavish Ganapathy, who also sparked the Steve Ban discussion. He claims that banning specific characters/stays (at the tournament) is also in other fighting games. The voice calling for Steve’s ban was spread, and a hashtag, #bansteve, was born.

The scale is further expanding by influential people, including the tournament participants, LIGHT and COSMOS players, are impressive in their hashtags. Should Steve be banned at the tournament? Criticism of #bansteve claims has been born, and intense arguments have been created.

Why is Steve’s treatment so much noise? It may be that COLA has been unrivaled as a dark hose. In fact, the player participated in overseas tournaments for the first time. Steve is not a high usage between top players both inside and abroad (Yonni is used in this tournament). It is a limited character that can be used. In such an environment, a Cola who uses Steve continued to destroy the strong from the qualifying in The Gimvitational, defeated famous players such as Riddles and Light players, and stood at the top. 。 It’s no longer confusion.

Steve is too strong

A COLA’s tricky play style also causes confusion. In the first place, Steve is a very tricky character. In battles, resources are always required, and constant mining is essential. His weapons have multiple types from stones to diamonds, as well as using dynamite or getting into a truck, and is a fighter that is different among the Smash Bra SP characters full of species.

A Cola uses such a steva perfectly. He uses blocks to prevent mining and restoring, deciding on a combo using a truck, dropping off the money floor, and a variety of drawers. He is difficult to read and manages the space well, and the combo power when it enters the pattern is enormous. In particular, it is a tricky fighter who needs to be prepared for countermeasures.

A Cola is actually 16 years old. He appeared in the online tournament and showed his strength, but was known to some people in a relationship that did not appear offline. However, this year, the players also participated in offline tournaments. He participated in the Kansai offline tournament 24th Sumabat SP held in March and won the championship. The name was widely known by breaking the famous players in the largest offline tournament in Japan, Bonfire # 7. With that in mind, he was invited to The Gimvitational and won the world tournament, giving a vivid impression to overseas people. And now he has received a voice calling for Steve’s ban.

On the other hand, it is unclear how many people are seriously desiring Steve prohibition. In the first place, in the Smash Bra SP, the character tends to be evaluated as broken every time a winner appears in a large-scale tournament. In the next tournament, a winner using another fighter will appear, and the broken discussion of the last tournament will be forgotten. It is common in competitive games, not only in this work, for the prohibition or weakening of characters that leave the results.

And simply for some people, there may be aspects that are unacceptable to the victory of A Cola. A young player who doesn’t know may have been making a strange movement and winning the championship. 。 Light and COSMOS players who tweeted#Bansteve later answered, I just played around while eating domino pizza at the hotel and I like A Cola. There are many players who once hinted at Steve’s BAN hope, but said that he was not serious.

Everything will be in the future

In addition, Mkleo, who is regarded as a king in the current Smash Bra SP, has announced that Steve will take measures based on this result. He commented that he had a broken technique, questioned about his performance and behavior, but should not be banned at this time, and will watch the future. Realistically, even if Steve’s performance is excessive, it lacks the fact that Steve does not keep the results in a large tournament. It is not reasonable at the moment to prohibit concerns about the future and the results in this tournament in Smash Bra SP, which has such a lot of characters and has different faces that are active for each tournament. See. In the first place, the director Masahiro Sakurai said that the Smash Bra SP development team has been dissolved, and it is difficult to think that some adjustments will occur in the future.

However, it is interesting that Steve boasts unrivaled strength at this time. Steve was said to be stronger than the first implementation, and Shuton pointed out its strength, and there were famous Steve-like players like Tarorin. However, Steve, including resource management, was too habitful and used. One and a half years after the implementation, a 16-year-old young man is very active in the world tournament without using Steve vividly. The story itself is dramatic, leaving the vivid consequences of winning, and the story of Steve’s BAN.

  • Mr. CONEY, who is involved in the Smash Bra tournament and live commentary, Steve’s BAN is in favor, and every time a winner appears in the tournament, let’s do any character, and if there are no usable characters, let’s shake hands and do a goodbye. And this BAN discussion is sarcastic.

In any case, Steve is difficult to handle, and weaknesses are set firmly. There is no doubt that COLA’s techniques, which make up for those weaknesses, are the factors of the victory. The excellent performance is his own ability, and it is inevitable that it is inevitable to make it thanks to the character.

On the other hand, this is an event that makes you feel the excitement of the Smash Bra SP competition scene. The Smash Bra SP community that does not lose the heat even after the fighter addition or adjustment update ends. How far will the Victory Road of Cola, who continues to win at such a hot-air stadium?

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