LOL: What is the champion with more damage?
 This is the paradoxical situation after Riot changes

LOL: What is the champion with more damage? This is the paradoxical situation after Riot changes

League of Legends has undergone a great change in the last patches with the reduction of effective damage that all champions inflict. A situation that Riot Games resolved in a very particular way by increasing the ability to resist the blows of each and every one of the characters in the video game. A situation that has completely changed the Tier List and has modified some of its abilities. Reason that leads us to re-analyze which are capable of subtracting more life points from the rivals in a single game.

The champions with more League of Legends damage

The truth is that damage statistics is not as relevant as a good part of the community thinks. The data show that there is no great relationship between the capacity of the characters to subtract life from the rivals and their victories. However, it is one of the most interesting records. After all, seeing the life bars of the rivals are fun regardless of how much it helps us win the games and there will be few players who want to choose characters with great damage to feel more protagonists.

The first outstanding reading of the new situation with respect to which champions are with the most League of Legends damage after Riot Games changes is so expected as paradoxical. The developer’s change strategy has made, in reality, all champions subtract more life points from the rivals in comparison to when we carry out this same year during the last season. In this way, although all the characters in the game have more survival capacity, they also suffer more damage during the games.

It should be noted, above all, the case of Karthus . This champion is not only the one who inflicts the most damage in League of Legends, but he has an abysmal difference. On average, he subtracts more than 30,000 life points from the rivals throughout a game. Much more than a Corki (25,678) that acts as second classified. Yes, the rest of the competitors are very close. Ziggs (25,526), Vel’koz (25,359) and Kog’maw (25,277). It should be noted that, after half-patch adjustments, the vacuum shooter seems very likely to recover several positions.

With the exception of Kog’maw, which is placed in the first positions thanks to the W of his (Bioarcana walk) that allows him to inflict a large amount of damage per second when he can hit, all the characters share a common characteristic. Karthus, Ziggs, Vel’koz or Corki have a host of spells that canattack their rivals from a great distance *. Very high damage that is not always effective and on many occasions only helps to increase statistics. Everything is said, it is how these characters work, who have to bother enemies at all times.

The truth is that, with the exception of the curiosity produced by the fact that the damage inflicted by the champions increases while at the same time the champions are more resistant , there are no great novelties in the list. If Vel’koz is incorporated, which is one of the characters with the most harassment capacity of the entire video game. A true headache for all League of Legends players who have to endure and learn trigonometry to dodge their skills.


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