Kinects creator renounces Microsoft after accusations

Kinects creator renounces Microsoft after accusations

Sometimes some company employees usually say goodbye to them for controversial reasons, that has happened in large corporations such as Disney or even _activision blizzard. And now something quite disturbing is happening with Alex Kipman, the creator of Kinect, because he renounced Microsoft for some accusations of bad behavior.

These accusations include touching employees inappropriately and seeing what a witness described as RV porn at work. It was said that Kipman had encouraged a difficult environment for the people who worked with him. Even an executive mentioned seeing him by rubbing a woman’s shoulders, who obviously bother.


It was also reported that while the company’s mixed reality team experienced with a prototype a night of 2015, Kipman put a virtual reality viewer to test it. The video he chose was an openly sexualized pillow fight, which could be seen publicly through a monitor that reflected the screen.

The trafficking of Kipman put people so bad, that 25 employees contributed to a document that collects similar negative interactions with the intention of sending it to the executive director of Microsoft, Satya Nadella._ According to the sources, managers even warned others that they would not leave women alone with the former company employee.

This came so far, that in May it was classified in a report by the gold boys of Microsoft, which exposes executives to contribute to a toxic environment to work. According to a company spokesman, Kipman will leave the company to pursue other interests.

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