Black Desert X E -Mart 24 Collaboration Premium Popup Store Open

Black Desert X E -Mart 24 Collaboration Premium Popup Store Open

Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) announced that it has launched 9 kinds of collaboration products of ‘Black Desert & Black Desert Mobile X E-Mart 24′ and opened the premium pop-up store ’24BLACK’.

The products released by this collaboration are ▲ Black Triangle (2 kinds of triangular gimbap) ▲ Black burger (grilled steak burger) ▲ Black dessert (black sesame cream cheese sticky cake) ▲ Black sari (squid ink pasta) ▲ Black churos Snacks) ▲ Black Sachi (Black Pepper Chicken Shrimp Gangjeong) ▲ Black Coffee (scheduled to be released on June 21) ▲ Desert (Cheese Bulgogimbab). The collaboration product uses a black raw material and consists of a black package.

Along with the launch of the collaboration product, the company opened the pop-up store ’24BLACK’, which renovated ‘E-Mart 24 Samcheong-dong Branch’. ’24BLACK’ is a special store where you can experience various events such as Lucky Draw Event, Photo Zone, and Photo Booth, along with the purchase of collaboration products. The store design consists of a black-based design based on the concept of the premium, and has also deployed black desert IP goods, including the Dark Knight Figures.

Users can purchase collaboration products at E-Mart 24 stores nationwide other than the 24BLACK store. If you buy a collaboration product and scan the E-Mart 24 mobile app integrated barcode, you can get a coupon that contains the E-Mart 24 Alliance). Collect coins and exchange them with compensation you want in each game.

Black Desert users can get the E-Mart 24 Partnership Memorial Memorial, ▲ Black Desert X E-Mart 24 Partnership Box, [Event] Enhancement Support Box, and 100 Powder of Ancient Spirit. Black Desert Mobile users can obtain ▲ Black Desert X E-Mart 24 partnership box ▲ E-Mart 24 food box ▲ Ent suits, and desert gastrointestinal selection boxes. It also introduced the food items ‘Black Triangle’ and ‘Black Coffee’, which provides the in-game buff effect.

Black Desert New Goods will also be introduced in the ’24BLACK’ store. Among the black desert NPCs, you can see various new goods such as ‘Papu’ and ‘Crio’, which are popular with cute appearance, as well as ‘Black Desert Brewery & Suzhou’. Existing goods sold at the Pearl Abys Store can also be purchased.


Pearl Abyss plans to continue its unusual partnerships to increase the benefits of users and expand the pleasure through online and offline.

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