How to become a fraudster in Bitlife

How to become a fraudster in Bitlife

To become a fraudster in Bitlife, you must first find him in the special careers section and choose it. In the Special Careers section, you can find Scam Artist Hustle, indicated with three others. bustle**. Select Scam Artist and you will become Scam Artist in Bitlife. But before you can become a fraudster, you will need to graduate from high school. If you want to finish high school, continue to age until 18 years.

How do scammers work in Bitlife?

Fraud is various methods that players can use in order to deceive people to give them money as a fraudster Street Hustler. Currently, there are 15 scammers in the game, and each of them offers players different ways of fraud with NPC for money. Fraud also spreads at three levels , initial, medium and advanced. More advanced scams offer more money, but have more chances to cause the player to have problems with the law. Because of this, the players will need to make sure that they are fraught with the streets with a small presence of the police.

How to unlock and change fraud in Bitlife

If you want to change your current scam, you must find fraudulent option for Scam Artist in Jobs. By clicking on the “Fraud” option, you can replace the old scam with a new 1. To unlock new scams, you first need to master the scams for beginners. After you master four scams for beginners, more scams will open in Bitlife.

How to increase a scammer’s skills in Bitlife


To increase your SCARM Artist skills, you will need to continue to get old. With age, you will have more chances for fraud, and the more you frave, the higher your fraudster skills will increase. However, you will need to beware of the great presence of the police. The presence of the police is an indicator that all streets have in Bitlife. The street with a great presence of police will increase the chances of meeting the police on the street and be caught in fraud. Along with avoiding streets with a great presence of police, you should also avoid fraud. Police officers . Fraud with police will lead to arrest or a higher chance to be arrested.

List of all scammers Bitlife

Below are all fraud of scammers in Bitlife:

  • Fraud with a blow and capture
  • Fraud with counterfeit goods
  • Fraud with a fake monk
  • Scam with objects of objects

All fraudulent schemes of the intermediate level

  • Scam with packets
  • Fraud with charity fees
  • Game of dice
  • Fake injuries
  • Golden Fraud Rin
  • Fraud with a game of shell
  • Three-card Monte

All fraudulent schemes involving artists

  • Fraud with fictitious arrest
  • Fake scam with grass
  • Fraud with the promoter of the night club
  • Fraud with VIP tickets

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