The Miners Have Already Found V Rising Legendary Weapons After Early Access

The Miners Have Already Found V Rising Legendary Weapons After Early Access

At the moment, the max item level of V Rising is 81 once the gear is completed to the highest level. However, the content will be enriched over time due to early access.

Stunlock has room to solidify their excellent title for a whole year, and it looks like they’ve got plenty already, judging by early leaks.

Concrete evidence of new weapons
Currently, the only orange item available in the game is the unlocked key once Solarius’s blood is sucked. But data-miners have unearthed some exciting items in the game files: a new set of armor and new higher rarity weapons are already included and are waiting to be made available upon completion.

No matter how long it takes Stunlock to work on this additional content, it’s at least proof that the studio has planned something to regularly rekindle the flame of its PVP-focused, co-op survival game. It should not be forgotten that it is in early access.

Titan Core, the lost resource
The Titan Core is already in the game files but cannot be obtained through normal means. This resource will most likely help craft equipment for the level at the current item level cap. We will have to be a bit patient before discovering what the developers have planned for their survival game. For now, calm down.

V Rising is already very rich in content with close to 40 bosses. And private server rules that ensure replayability, as long as you’re not playing alone.

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