Dark Souls on PC servers are already in the process of being restored, after four months out of service

Dark Souls on PC servers are already in the process of being restored, after four months out of service

From Software has confirmed that it is already “in the process” of reactivating the servers of the series Dark Souls on PC, after four fallen months to avoid a vulnerability that put the safety of its players at risk.

Although a precise timing has not been offered when this service will be restored, in the statement that PC Gamer has received, there is a progressive process, playing at play; Although the way in which the message is expressed is somewhat confusing, it seems that the first to return to the multivide will be Dark Souls 3, the most populous in the saga: until the beginning of this year, it was common for an average of between 10 and 15,000 monthly concurrent players.

«We are in the process of restoring the online servers of the Dark Souls series for PC. We plan to restore the service for each game progressively, reactivating the Dark Souls 3 servers when we do the necessary work to correct the problem, ”says the statement.

“We offer more information as soon as the restoration calendar is finished,” concludes the statement, also thanking the community for their “patience and understanding” in the months when the service has been deactivated.

The Dark Souls PC Servers Are Still Offline After Two Months
It is assumed that once the problems of Dark Souls 3 are solved, the other two do not take to follow their steps, although the priority can be different: there the figures are considerably minor.

The situation began earlier this year, when a exploit was discovered that allowed to execute code remotely by locking it through the holes left by the multiplayer of the Dark Souls. Although at that time unofficial patches were already published to solve this vulnerability, from Software and Bandai Namco were with their heads somewhere else, a few months after the expected launch of Elden Ring, and it was chosen to disconnect the cable and eliminate the multiplayer game To avoid exploit.

Shortly after, Bandai Namco explained that online would continue to be deactivated until after the launch of Elden Ring, implying that at that time the main thing was to ensure that vulnerability is not also replicated in the latest from from Software. “We have expanded the investigation to Elden Ring and we have ensured that the necessary security measures are implemented for this title on all platforms,” they said at that time.

Today is the first official communication related to the state of the servers that from launches since the end of January; The games are still labeled as only for a player in Steam, and a part of the community had already lost hope of seeing the service reactivated. Humanity Restored.

While we wait for the servers to return, what if you put a good review of the monograph that we dedicate to From Software a few months ago?

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