The latest video of the newly developed “Craft Pier” development, which is full of beautiful girls and a chaotic open world survival

The latest video of the newly developed “Craft Pier” development, which is full of beautiful girls and a chaotic open world survival

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From May 20, 2022 (Fri) to May 26, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-“Slowly farce drama” issue, Touhou original author, Nico Douga, statement

The trademark issue of the “slow farce drama” which was ranked in last week’s Weekly Spanun. On May 15, 2022, Youtuber’s Yuzuha acquired the trademark rights of “Slowly Tea Baseball” and announced that “100,000 yen per year is required for the use of this trademark.” It started with.

On the other hand, it will operate a video posting site “Nico Nico Douga” with “ZUN”, the original “Shanghai Alice Genrakudan”, which is the original creator of “Touhou Project”, and a video posting site with a large power. Dwango has issued a statement indicating his views on each riot.

The “slow farce drama” problem that does not fit, the Touhou original author, Nico Douga, makes each statement-ZUN “The” slow farce drama “as a secondary creation does not have the effect of trademark rights.”

4th place-“Taiko Ritachi Shishiden V DX” previous work utilization know-how

This work is a reception game released on May 19, 2022 for PC/Nintendo Switch. This is a work that adds a new element by HD remastering “Taiko Ri-Shiden V” released in 2004, and you can enjoy a variety of occupations such as samurai, ninjas, and pirates in the Warring States period.

This work is equipped with a creative tool that allows you to create the contents of the game literally. The script for the previous work, which has been released on the Internet, can be used in this work, and this article carefully introduces how to use it. In addition, for users who are familiar with their skills, we will also tell you about changes from the previous script that you found in your own survey.

The degree of freedom that spreads in the newly-produced masterpiece “Taiko Lady Shishiden V DX” user production event! Previous event utilization know-how [special feature]

3rd place- Report that the procedure for abandonment of the “slowly farce drama” trademark rights

River Community has revealed that Youtuber’s Yuzuha reported on the official Twitter account that “starts abandoned procedures **”.

What was revealed this time is that Yuzuha will launch the procedure for abandonment of the trademark right, which is the starting point. After seeing it, the response as will end. The following tweet, Monday, refers to May 23, and if the procedure is not started, the chairman of the association and the secretary-general stated that “we will provide strict guidance.” 。

After that, on May 24, Mr. Yuzuha was registered because it was difficult to fulfill its original purpose due to slander and defamation, false, and forged information. It has been announced that the application has been made.

Is this the end? The registrant reports that the abandonment procedure of the “Slow Tea Baseball” will start on May 23

2nd place-New work developed “Craft Pier” “Pal World” New Trailer Released

The latest new work “ Palworld “, a new work, which is given by the “Craft Pier” development pocket pair on the Indie Game Information Program “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022” held on May 21st and 22nd. The video has been released.

This work is an open world survival game where you can collect mysterious creatures “Pal” in a vast world, fight, breed, help with agricultural work, and work in factories. In the published video, you can check the beautiful graphic world with Pal, and also check the battle with wild Pal (player characters also fight).

“Palworld” will be released on PC (Steam) in 2022.

“Pokemon” x “Craft Pier” Open World Survival “Pal World” New Trailer! [Indie Live EXPO 2022]

1st place- Beautiful Girl Open World Survival “Girls’ Civilization 3” Store page release

This is an open world survival RPG full of beautiful girls. This is the third work following the first work “Girls ‘Civilization” released in 2020 and the second work “Girls’ Civilization 2”, which also supports VR.

The “Girls’ Civilization” series is a character creator that can change the detailed specifications without any male characters at all, and a work that allows you to enjoy a highly flexible journey. In this work, the story is still implemented, and it seems that you can experience the main quest containing 51,000 characters. The game system is adopted by Permades (permanent death), and when going to a dangerous place to get resources, it can die due to predation creatures, bandits, and severe weather conditions. It is necessary to be careful.

“Girls’ Civilization 3” is scheduled to start early access around the summer of 2022.

Beautiful Girl Open World Survival RPG “Girls’ Civilization 3” Early access starts around the summer of 2022-The latest series of chaotic worlds

The most read this week was the article of the open world survival “Girls’ Civilization 3” full of beautiful girls! By the way, it does not support the Japanese interface, but it seems to support Japanese full voice and subtitles.

Also, if you are interested, please see here if you are worried about the first play report of “Girls’ Civilization”!

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