“Animal Crossing” fans are delighted with the appearance of “frog -like chairs” in “THE SIMS 4”. The mysterious charismatic furniture finally exceeds the wall of the work

In “THE SIMS 4″, a new element seems to be attracting user enthusiasm. ELECTRONIC ARTS has released a new DLC “Little Campers Kit” for the work on May 27. The price is 500 yen. The content will add many items to “The Sims 4”. As the name implies, it includes camping equipment and furniture attached to it. There is a set where the shims can enjoy camping in the backyard.

Among these furniture, some interiors are particularly attracting the hot gaze of players. It’s a camping chair. That said, it’s not just a chair. A camping chair with frog face printed is a lineup of Little Campers Kit additional items. Certainly, the frog chair that makes you laugh is a cute gem with pop shining. Nevertheless, the same type of camping chair is also prepared with various other animals. Why are only frog camping chairs especially pleased? Behind it seems to be related to another game.

In fact, the “Animal Crossing” series also features furniture that looks just like a frog camping chair. The name is “frog chair”. Eyes and mouth are used on the backrest part, and the chair itself looks like a frog. The price is 1200 bells. Certainly, it is one of the common furniture that is cute but not particularly rare.

However, from the end of 2019 to early 2020 before the launch of “Atsuga’s Animal Crossing”, the frog chair suddenly gained unusual popularity on the Internet for some reason. Discussions such as whether frog chairs appear in “Atsuga’s Animal Crossing”, and frog chair fan art and collages are flooding on SNS. In addition, a collage image posting account that “sitting various characters in a frog chair” has appeared.

It is said that the frog chair boom is a collage image that involves “Avengers / End Games”. However, it is still unknown what the driving force leads to the big boom. After the release of the “Atsume Animal Crossing”, a frog chair was not implemented in the game, and the boom once went down. However, in the large free update in November 2021, a frog chair was finally added to the work. Frog chairs quickly attracted attention again, and people were delighted on the net. The frog chair is a charismatic net memory in Animal Crossing. Even now, various collages are made.

Based on this situation, if you look at the frog camping chair in The Sims 4, you can see that it looks exactly like a frog chair in Animal Crossing. Many “The Sims 4” users seem to be receiving this as a tribute, not ideas. Rather, it is seen that “frog chairs have arrived in” The Sims 4 “,” which welcomes the camping chairs.

Both the “Animal Forest” series and the “THE SIMS” series are life simulation games where you can enjoy your life with different hair colors. The entry into frog camping chairs in “The Sims 4” may be a tribute to the enthusiasm of fans on the net.

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