When will the next Escape from Tarkov Wipe?

When will the next Escape from Tarkov Wipe?

The Escape from Tarkov Wipe is one of the most anticipated moments by the community. In any other game, losing our progress would be a reason for complaints or a more than justified impulse to leave it forever. Still, the world of Tarkov has its own rules, and instead of being sad, most of the players celebrate the arrival of this moment.

Wipe in Escape from Tarkov. Why is it good?
Escape from Tarkov is a game based on the economy. With the permission of the missions, the success of each Raid is measured by the profit obtained between the investment and the objects that we have managed to extract. However, the game naturally makes players work to comfortably monetize each extraction with previous deaths that have caused us to lose EFT Money.

In the long run, this makes all players get a considerable amount of money, and the prices are artificially inflated. In addition, the feeling of risking weapons or equipment when facing a new Raid is eliminated. It is a point of no return that only a wipe can solve.

Does the community agree with the wipe?
Yes and no. A good part of the players faces the new wipe with the same enthusiasm they started playing the title. This feeling occurs, above all, in the most experienced and who have already gone through the traumatic process of the first server restart. On the other hand, those facing it for the first time are more fearful of losing what they have worked so hard to gain.

Escape from Tarkov is a snowball game. The better equipment, the easier it is to get more of this scarce commodity. Many of those who are critical of the wipe will appreciate this experience and even enjoy what almost everyone points out as the best part of the game: the confrontation between players at low levels.

When will the Escape From Tarkov Wipe take place?
The date or patch of the next Escape from Tarkov wipe has not been confirmed. There is a lot of conflicting information about it. As per Battlestate custom, the hard reset should take place about six months after the last data wipe, putting it in early June. On the other hand, it seems possible that we are in for an exceptionally long cycle after Nikita Buyanov’s announcement that the Streets of Tarkov will be ready before the fall.

When a wipe is done, it’s usually because there are significant new features in the game, and Streets of Tarkov is one of the most anticipated ones introducing the most critical stage and many new mechanics. In this sense, the reboot may arrive with the map’s release on a date to be determined before September 21. We’ll know more about it starting the week beginning May 29, when the developers will host a Tarkov TV to talk about upcoming developments.

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