V rising best weapons

V rising best weapons

In V Rising, several different types of weapons are available, and each of them has special abilities. Weapons in V Ringing are the same by damage, and the distinctive factor is two special skills that weapons possesses. This leadership lists all the best types of weapons in V Rising, depending on how useful they are.

V Ringing Best Weapon

We have compiled a list of the best weapons in V Rising, based on how effective they are in battle and how useful their unique skills are. You will find weapons from your choice after watching our list below.


  • Sword
  • A spear
  • Axe
  • Bulava
  • Crossbow
  • Reaper
  • Slasher


The sword is the best weapon in V Rising, and this is due to its versatility in any combat situations. He has a high attack speed, which is very useful if you use a build oriented towards a critical blow. This is especially useful in vegetation, which is the most common landscape in the game.

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WHILR: * In this skill, your character will rotate and chop enemies within the radius of attack, inflicting 35% of physical damage to them within 1.1 s. Damage is caused every 0.25 seconds of the duration of the attack. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.
shock wave: * creates a shock wave, which inflicts 70% of physical damage to enemies for 1.6 s. This skill acts on enemies, which a shock wave throws into the air. This skill also has a recovery time of 8 s. The skill can also be torn to teleport to the enemy and inflict three blows to him, inflicting 25% of physical damage from each blow.

A spear

The spear takes 2 stages in weapons V Rising. It is not as universal as a sword, but has a high speed of attack, which is useful for weaker enemies with one blow. Thanks to its stabbing attack, nature can pierce several enemies in one attack, which makes it a very powerful weapon.

A spear is especially useful against creatures of different species in V Rising. Below we explained the spear skills in V Rising.

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A thousand copies: * A multidimensional attack is performed, which inflict 30% of physical damage for 8 ticks. If you re -apply this skill during the period of action, a stitching attack is performed, casting enemies and applying 50% of physical damage. Has Kuldown 8 s.
Harpoon: * Throw a spear into the enemy to pull it closer to yourself and apply 70% of physical damage. It also has a kuldown in 8 seconds.


The axes are in third place in our list, since they do not cause damage as much as the first two weapons.

The axes have a decent speed of attack and rate of fire. Nevertheless, his skills are really useful, which compensates for some shortcomings of his damage and attack speed.

It has the following skills:

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X-Straik *: Launch two axes towards the enemy in the form of the letter X. Each blow of the ax strikes 85% of physical damage, and also slows it for 1.5 seconds. If both axes fall into the enemy, he becomes incompetent for 2 seconds. The skill has time to reload 8 seconds.
Madness: * Throw and hit the nearest enemy to apply 100% of physical damage, after which the state of rabies is activated. In this state, the speed of movement increases by 25%, and the attack speed – by 30% by 0.8 C with each successful hit on the enemy. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.


Bulava takes fourth place in our list. Despite the fact that this weapon causes the greatest damage in the game, its attack speed really restrains it compared to other weapons.

Meys specializes in mineral mining, and if you use a tank assembly, this can be a good weapon for you.

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A crushing blow: * Jump closer to the enemy and hit the mace on the ground, applying 110% of physical damage and also immobilizing the enemy for 2 seconds. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.
clap: * hit the enemies in front of you to apply 50% of physical damage, and also discard them from yourself. Enemies are also disabled by 1.2 seconds. This attack has a recovery time of 9 seconds.


The crossbow is the only long -range weapon, currently available in V Rising. It does not inflict such great damage, but gives you an advantage in the range of action on enemies. It has the following skills:

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rain of bolts *: Run 5 arrows that fall on enemies, applying 40% of physical damage at every hit. He also imposes on enemies a deceleration of 1.5 s. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.
Picture: * shoots with quick shots, which inflict 75% of damage to enemies, and also interrupt their attacks and impose a slowdown for 2 seconds. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.


The reaper looks like a mace in V Rising. It has a very slow attack speed, but causes great damage to every blow. A distinctive feature of these two types of weapons is their skills.

One of the abilities of the Reaper is able to inflict 125% of physical damage, that madness. This weapon is best against enemies-notch.

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Water reaper: * Launch a howling reaper towards enemies, which inflicts 20% of physical damage every 0.25 s, a total of 2.5 s. Also slows enemies for 1.5 seconds. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.
Swing tendons: * Reaper waving, applying 125% of physical damage to enemies within the radius of action. He also knocks them down and slows down for 2 seconds. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.


The last weapon on our list is Slashher. He has a high attack speed, but not so much damage. He also does not have specialization, which makes him not preferred weapons.

The only saving feature of Slasher is his ability to disguise that makes you invisible for a short time.

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elusive blow *: rush forward and back to chop enemies, applying 60% of physical damage and slowing them for 2 seconds with every blow. This skill has a restoration time of 8 seconds.
Camouflage: * The speed of movement increases by 6 seconds by 25% in camouflage, and the main attacks apply 80% of physical damage and disable enemies for 3 seconds. This skill has a recovery time of 10 seconds.

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