TFT: The key to Teamfight Tacticss success is identical to the meme Im going to play seriously

TFT: The key to Teamfight Tacticss success is identical to the meme Im going to play seriously

The notion of success in the world of current video game is complicated to define. The simplistic thing would be to say that whenever money is removed that covers the initial work, we would be talking about something that meets the minimum objectives… but it is not always so, not even so easy to sentence. The studies do not always give the data, and when they give them they have a strong work to highlight that they need to stand out.

Therefore, we have to look at collateral data. And that Teamfight Tactics will announce a few days That is why it makes sense to make all the meat on the grill for the new set that has just been officially presented.

We have already been able to try the new set, Dragonlands (you can check the new champions and their classes and origins here), and we have also interviewed Geoff Virtue , executive producer in Teamfight Tactics. We tell you everything we have learned in both experiences.

too many? News

And the first sensation that exudes this new TFT set is the enormous amount of news we have . In addition to the traditional new classes, origins and units, we also have a new reward phase, as well as really novel dragons. Not to mention that it is probably the set with more groundbreaking mechanics within these additions. About this I asked Geoff.

_ “One of the things we always focus on is how to give complexity to the game, while we make it appealable to the general public. One of the most important challenges for us is that we do not want to add new system after new system, particularly because each of them adds complexity to experience; it makes it more difficult to learn. “_

After this, he tells us that the increases, mechanics that arrived with the sixth set and that added rejugability by offering concrete improvements in three points of the game, deserved to follow.”We wanted to maintain that sense of novelty in each game” _, he tells us.

The secret tft sauce

Perhaps one of the reflections that I have been arguing for the longest since I write about eSports, is the following: all top electronic sports, including League of Legends, They have moments of leisurely rhythm that interspersed with those of adrenaline through the clouds . It is no accident that this also happens in traditional sport, where almost all of the most successful have this characteristic.

Well, Geoff took out the subject to talk about TFT and his success:”And the other thing I am really happy is… One of TFT’s secret sauces is the ability of the game to be concentrated during some phases and relaxed in others. It is something we talk about a lot when strategy games are created. It is necessary to give you those phases of maximum concentration in which you make the great decisions, but also others in which you relax and prepare for the previous ones. I think this is one of the reasons why TFT is a success. “_

TUTORIAL KEZDŐKNEK ???? Teamfight Tactics | 0. rész
The concrete expression used in English was lean in and lean off, which quickly made me think of the popular meme of the boy getting serious playing the console. It may seem nonsense, but it is an image that makes a feeling graph that we have all felt in great moments of our life as players. It makes all the meaning that TFT seeks .

Another sensation I have had after playing a few games to the seventh set of Teamfight Tactics is a “developing feeling.” From the second TFT set I have been able to see how improvements in new mechanics, but also those of quality of life; The ones that make much more comfortable play and that always made me feel that “This is the true version 1.0, which Riot Games thought when TFT” began to develop.

For Geoff, this is something totally true and intentional :”It is great that you mention the feeling that each new set feels a new 1.0, because it is something that we think a lot about the team. We always do the Ask: “How do we improve TFT to make the game that we, as players, would want it to be?” That way of thinking is what leads us to always try to improve and keep in mind the small details. “_

_ “We do not usually talk too much about the engine and the ins and outs The time, scalable and that we can continue working on it. Not only for one or two years, but for 10 or 15. “_

The future of TFT

There are two champions that are worth talking about in this text. The first is one that is not even a “champion” and that is not even in this set 7: Silco . Thanks to the experience of the TFT team by adding it to the previous set, it was possible the sample that the team wants to do new and different things. Sometimes we will make new champions, sometimes we will use some that already exist to change them. “_

The other champion is Zoe , a cost 5 unit that makes use of a different skill on each occasion, which borrows from other sets:”but I think it is important that the team is not afraid to do crazy Thus, I think it is key for TFT to remain in force and attractive for players. If we didn’t want to make such risky champions, people wouldn’t want to play it. “_

Geoff Virtue leaves us with this final reflection :”I think the future is brilliant for TFT, the team is growing a lot, Riot is investing a lot and we are also improving the technology we use. You will see it in the next 12, 18 months”._

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