Which Genshin Impact Character are you? This is the best test we have found so far

Which Genshin Impact Character are you? This is the best test we have found so far

When we play Genshin Impact, we forge a strong bond with the characters. The effort dedicated to acquiring it or leveling it up and getting its perfect build means that we spend many hours working for them. A feature to which we must add the excellent work of HoYoverse, which has been able to fill all the squad members with charisma so that many players identify with the unique sensitivities or traits of the heroes that appear in the game. This circumstance has led to tests of the type. What character are you? Become very popular in the community.

The best Genshin Impact personality test
The tests available to determine what kind of character we are based on our personality are becoming more extensive. However, the last one we have discovered is one of our favorites. This 16-question quiz available on uQuiz is relatively easy to complete.

This type of test can even be attempted to be completed using the equivalent of reverse engineering. One of the ways to have fun with them when we have already discovered which Genshin Impact character corresponds to our personality is to try to get our favorite hero to test if we know him as well as we think or if the questionnaire is as accurate as it seems It’s another equally exciting way to play to kill time while we wait for the new update.

In case you use other similar platforms, you should be careful. HoYoverse has not created any official test, and we should not trust any page that asks us for private information about our account. It’s okay to share your character’s name, but never log in to an unreliable site, share your email, or use your password. The objective of the test is to have fun, not to lose all our progress.

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