Microsoft Flight Simulator: Free World Update IX Italy and Malta published

From now on, the free World Update IX des Microsoft Flight Simulator (from € 50.99 when buying) is available, with which Italy and Malta have been polished.

To get the update, the simulation must be brought to version and can then be activated as usual via the marketplace in the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A total of 20 cities were brought up by developers Asobo Studio, including Rome, Venice, Naaper, Turin, Milan. The four airports Palermo, Sondrio, Marina di Campo and Bolzano were polished up. The southern European region has also been updated with the latest geodata, including digital height models, air and satellite images and irregular triangular network.

A total of 94 sights in Italy (including the Tower of Pisa, the Pantheon and the Vatican) and 11 in Malta can be developed. There are also three bush flights, discovery flights and new landing challenges.

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