ECCO Assembly Guide – Lol Wild Rift

ECCO Assembly Guide – Lol Wild Rift

ECKO, a boy who destroyed time arrived in Wild Rift and brought with him his list of devices that change time. ECKO is a killer champion, which inflicts a large amount of magical damage to enemies. Despite the fact that he is flimsy at the beginning of the game, he quickly becomes a playmaker, like no other, by the middle and late stages of the match.

ECKO – a champion with a very high ceiling of skill, and players who are not familiar with his skills and abilities will be difficult to master his play style. However, when he uses his strengths, he can apply great damage and easily move on the map. Before we fase immersion in his objects, assemblies and combo, let’s get acquainted with his skills.

ECKO skills

Passive: Resonance Z-drive

Each in the third attack or damage causes the ability to cause additional damage to the goal. If the goal is an enemy champion, ECKO also receives bonus to the speed of movement within 2.5 seconds. This cannot affect the same goal over the next five seconds. The easiest way to activate this liability is to make sure that you have got through the enemy twice with the help of its Timewinder ability.

Ability 1: Timewinder

Ekko throws shell in the target direction. When entering the enemy or reaching the limit of the distance, magical damage and slows down enemies in AOE. Then he returns to ECKO, causing damage upon his return.

ability 2: Parallel convergence

Passive: * ECCO attacks against goals with a low level of health cause damage additional damage which is scaled with the missing health of the goal.
Active: ECKO launches the chronicle in the indicated place, which lasts 1.5 seconds and slows down enemies that are inside, by 40%. If ECKO enters the sphere, it explodes and stun enemies inside it by 2.25 seconds and gives it shield * which absorbs damage within two seconds. Please note that enemies cannot see the location of the sphere until it explodes.

Ability 3: Phase immersion

ECKO Tire in the target direction. His next attack in the next three seconds makes him blink to his goal and business additional magical damage . This ability is great for movement, as ECCO can jump and jump through the walls. He can also target the Varda of the review to bounce away from enemies or approach them.

ultimate: chronobreak

Ekko leaves his shadow, which follows him, wherever he goes. Each player on the map can see this shadow. The shadow that he leaves behind is the ECKO position 3.5 seconds ago. When hitting the Ulta ECKO, it becomes impractical , heals part of its missing health and returns to the position of the shadow. Upon arrival, he is engaged in magical damage ** to the closest enemies.

The best combo ECKO

ability 2 (parallel convergence)> ability 3 (phase immersion)> ability 1 (temporary rewind)> ability 3 (phase immersion)> base attack

The best way to maximize ECKO is to activate its passive ability to constantly apply additional magical damage to enemies. Use the “parallel convergence” over enemies, then use “phase immersion” to quickly enter the sphere. When he explodes, he will stun the enemies that came inside. Then use Timewinder to inflict damage and slow down the enemies, and then perform another Phase Dive to keep up with running away opponents.


The best assembly of ECKO items

ECKO is beneficial from AP items. Echo Ludena – a good assembly item first of all, since it helps with its abilities to clean the waves, increases its magical damage and gives restoration time. Follow this with lich Bane , since the liability of this item goes well with the ECKO phase immersion. Otherwise, make an AP heavy assembly with such items as deadly hat of Rabadon and the staff of the void . For boots, pick up ionic clarity boots for additional reloading the ability, then buy stasis spells .

The best runes for ECKO

The best spells for ECKO

flash: * flash – a great spell for almost any champion. When playing ECKO, use it combined with his “phase jump” to quickly reduce the gap between enemies.
Light: ignition is an excellent choice for a murderer causing magical damage, such as ECO. He can often use it in a 1ster -1 situation to inflict additional damage and reduce the enemy healing.
Smite (only for the jungle): If you play an ECKO in the role of a forester, be sure to change the IGNITE on SMITE to accurately capture goals.

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