Hoyo bus of Wonshin, the next film of the city fantasy,

Hoyo bus of Wonshin, the next film of the city fantasy,

Hoyoverse, which developed Collapse 3rd and Wonshin, has released information about its next work, Zenres Zone Zero. In the post -Apocalypse worldview, it is a work of ‘Urban Fantasy Action RPG’. First, let’s watch the first trailer of the game.

Genres Zone Zero is an original IP game of Hoyo Bus, which features high -quality cartoon -style full 3D visuals, unique characters, and colorful and tasty ‘action’ combat content.

The game has a worldview of the phosphorus apocalypse set in the backdrop of a real world destroyed by a superhistoric disaster, Hollows. The world in the game suffers from the threat of the unknown monster ‘Ethereal’ from this ‘common’, and the survivors face the threat of this ethereal, and continues to survive through the exploration of the joint.

Character Reveal Zenless Zone Zero
The player lives as a ‘rope man’ in the last city of New Eridu. The rope man plays an essential role for those who want to explore in a common way, and the player must meet various characters in the game, help them explore their joint exploration, know stories, and achieve various missions.

‘New Eridu’, which is the background of the game, has technologies and resources that can fight joint disasters, and various characters gather together because they are called the last oasis of modern civilization, but accordingly, various groups of cancer, competition, and conspiracy of various organizations It is also being done at the same time. In this worldview, the player is caught in the whirlpool of the plot.

Since Zenres Zone Zero is an action game, the battle proceeds by using the skills and using the skills at the same time. In addition, there are also various systems such as ‘QTE’, which succeeds in using the skills to press several buttons on the screen. In addition, the game supports the search function of users through the Roguelike combat mechanism.

The game is being developed as a multi -platform game that can be enjoyed on mobile and PCs, and from today (May 13), the official website will begin recruiting the first close beta test (CBT) tester. However, the first CBT is only on iOS and PC platforms.

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