LOL: What is the champion with less damage?
 The answer is a big surprise

LOL: What is the champion with less damage? The answer is a big surprise

The bulk of the League of Legends does not pay too much attention to statistics. However, there is an exceptional record that all players pay attention once the game has ended. We speak, of course, of damage inflicted on champions enemies. Although it is a much less important variable than we think, it is easy to proud to see that we have managed to sow chaos in the invoker crack. However, it is a somewhat unfair reading. Not all heroes created by Riot Games are destined to take life from enemies.

The champions with less League of Legends damage

Our goal is to review The champions that less damage to the games of League of Legends. For that we will take into account the average statistics in all ranges, although we have decided to eliminate the support characters and Iiverr . The reason is simple, in case of adding them they would compare the list and would be too boring check. Even so, you should know that the champion who less life takes rivals in general terms is Soraka , which barely inflicts 5,108 damage points. Ivern’s case is somewhat more positive, although they stay at 8,073 health points.

Attending to the explained method, these are the champions:

The truth is that we did not expect the result we have encountered. Although nunu (12,040 damage) in its tank version is almost harmless, it is surprising to see it in the last position of the list if we take into account that skill power objects are used in almost 30% of the items in those that appear. If not, the data would be even lower. The case of Shen is no less striking, who is a champion with great exchanges in the early game and survival in the fights. He does not hit very strong, but being such long confrontations we expected a little more.

The situation is easier to understand with UDYR (13,507) that remains third by the tail. It is true that, in the case of this champion, the most effective game mode is with a completely tank construction. In this sense, if we were surprised, it is only due to the memory of some of his most offensive options that have already disappeared. The case is very similar to karma medium (13,784). He could do tons of damage and wear a lot with his Q (inner call), but most players bet on utility.

As we can see in the data reviewed so far, a very low damage does not imply a poor rate of victories. However, Jarvan IV (13,787) does fall somewhat short in terms of form of form. A situation that is only due to the champion’s state. It is true that he fits perfectly in the Legends Competitive Legends and professionals use it a lot, but in qualifying items it is not easy to work. We need a team that follows us and a good strategic approach that we cannot always execute.

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As for the opposite exercise, champions with more damage, the truth is that the situation has not changed too much since we analyzed it. Karthus remains the king of League of Legends with an R (Requiem) capable of volatilizing the health bar of several enemies at the same time. The truth is that, in that case, it is not surprising at all to see his good performance.

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