The best cooking for cooking with whipped cream in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom

The best cooking for cooking with whipped cream in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Story - The Council of Heroes (Day 2)
Cookies with whipped cream are cookie run: the first supereepic cookie in the kingdom. He is a magical cookie that occupies the center of the battlefield. According to the plot, he plays the role of the Consul of the Cream Republic and is the youngest member of the Nine Council.

Best cookies with whipped cream

As a DMG dealer, cookies with cream are best equipped with Full set of burning raspberries . For bonus statistics, strive for resistance to damage and reducing recovery time. If you have difficulties with the statistics of reloading reduction, you can also make a mixture of three burning raspberries and two SWIFT chocolate candies.

the best treasures for cookies with whipped cream

Cream clots are best combined with treasures that increase DPS, such as the scroll of an old pilgrim and a gloomy braid. Squishy Jelly Watch is also necessary to reduce recovery time, which will save him with his powerful skill over longer battles. In the arena, you can equip a shining feather of sugar swan to revive whipped cream, since its low resistance to damage often makes it the first victim that falls.

Information about the skills of pokes with whipped cream

The orders of the consul : when using its skill, a cookie with cream will project a light cage on the nearest enemy (first aimed at cookies), blocking positive effects and causing damage to the region. The light cell can be projected on cookies that are resistant to interrupting effects, and does not allow them to receive removable buffs. A light cell will also cause additional damage to the HP target at the end of its duration. While the cookie with cream uses its skill, it becomes resistant to interrupting effects. Damage to Max. HP is limited to 300,000.

Skills specifications : ****

cool *: 15 seconds
Light cage dmg : 189 percent
The duration of the luminous cell : 4.8 seconds
Light cage additional damage *:
cookies : 109.9% damage relative to Max. HP + stunning for 1.3 seconds.
Others : 1.3% damage relative to max. HP + stunning for 1.3 seconds.
Duration of periodic dmg *: 1.4 seconds, 22 tacts
General periodical DMG *: 308.5% (+4.2% per level)

How to get cookies with whipped cream

Cookies with whipped cream can be obtained from jacket at a speed of 0.060 percent. His banner of the Consul’s Brilliance event, which will last until June 14, 2022, rises.

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