The Knight Switch: Shoot EM-up fights in a Metroidvania

The Knight Switch: Shoot EM-up fights in a Metroidvania

Team17 has announced its partnership with Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (in short: ‘Super Mega Team’) to publish the upcoming Metroidvania The Knight Witch.

The Knight Witch Announcement Trailer
The Knight Witch combines rapid shoot’em-up fights with exploring a metroid vania world and magical cover structure and takes the players into the underground city of Dungeonidas.

The once peaceful metropolis is besieged by an unknown threat and its merciless army from War Golems. The protagonist Rayne is now to be appointed Knight Witch so that she can defend herself with her strength and save the those who love her.

Over 30 unique magic cards are available to players in a magical cover structure system. Knight skills can also be expanded and improved. Rayne can be optimally adapted to your own playing style in order to switch off the Golem invaders as efficiently as possible.

Like other Knight Witches, Rayne lives from the love and adoration of the population of dungeonidas and is getting stronger the more support she learns. The players can take advantage of this and lie to the residents they have for their own purposes or be honest and reveal the painful truth to the mass.

_ Important features of The Knight Witch: _

Shoot-’M-up with magic and witchcraft *: Encounter evil enemies and decide whether you want to switch them off with Raynes magical powers or with their weapons and their minds.
Body and Spirit: Duality of The Knight Witch: Pass Rayne’s individual playing style: Improvement of your Knight skills for a rapid shoot-’em experience or strengthen your witch magic and try different deck structure strategies Over 30 unique magic cards that are available to you.
build trust and long -lasting bonds: Knight Witches gain strength when you bring you gratitude and trust that you can earn in many different ways. However, not all of them are sincere. The players have it in their hands whether they want to be popular or honest.
forward-looking accessibility: the Knight Witch was developed as a barrier-free Metroidvania: an intuitive automatic target detection system that can be switched on and off, the game world changing “cheats” and a concentrated navigation system in the main story ensure that the players ensure that the players Never get lost and adapt the gameplay to your individual level.
* Super Mega Team: The Knight Witch is implemented by an experienced development team that has already been responsible for titles such as Rime, Moonlighter and Plants vs. Zombies .

The Knight Witch is published in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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