International calling obligations. Voice phishing prevention method appears

International calling obligations. Voice phishing prevention method appears

Law amendments are proposed to prevent voice phishing and minimize damage.

Representative Yang Jung -sook (independent) of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information and Communication Commission said that the lawmakers have prepared a law amendment to improve the feelings of attempting voice phishing at a glance through the international call.

In recent years, voice phishing has been increasing through the transformation of the calling number using international calls. The phone number is changed so that the family, relatives, and close acquaintances on their smartphones make the victims of mistakes as if they are talking to someone they know well.

For example, the caller number from countries A is ‘International identification number+A country code+caller number’, which is far above 10 digits, but when displayed on a smartphone, only 9 to 10 samples of the stored address book number and the returned number back seats are compared. The registered name is displayed in the terminal as it is.

Article 84-2 of the current Telecommunications Business Act requires users to guide the user that the telecommunications service provider is a telephone from a foreign country. As a result, loopholes occur.

According to the amendment prepared by Senator Yang Jung -sook, a person who manufactures a mobile communication terminal device is obliged to take technical measures on the smartphone screen so that the recipient can distinguish the phone and text message from abroad.

In addition, the telecommunications operators are not only the fact that the recipient was sent abroad, but also to which the country was sent, making it easier to recognize that the recipient is a phone call from abroad.

If the amendment is implemented, all smartphones will be marked with the “International Call” and all numbers are displayed.

In other words, even if the name stored on a smartphone, such as a family, can be found at a glance that the recipient is voice phishing.

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Representative Yang said, “The wireless phone number used for voice phishing has soared 32 times from 240 cases in 2017 to 7,658 cases in 2021.” I wonder if I’m doing my best. ”

“Because voice phishing techniques are evolving day by day, active public relations activities are required to collect and analyze the new types of frauds, and to inform the people first.” It is necessary to respond directly to the demands of administrative agencies such as the police, and to make more efforts to strengthen preventive activities by immediately suspending the number used for voice phishing. ”

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