Microsoft: Xbox begins the year 2022 increasing and in front of the PS5

Microsoft: Xbox begins the year 2022 increasing and in front of the PS5

Microsoft unveiled its results for the first quarter of the year 2022, revealing new growth in its video game activity compared to an already formidable 2021 exercise.

Microsoft video game turnover increased by 6% between January and March 2022 to 3.74 billion dollars, a performance never seen at Xbox for a start of the year. The increase in Xbox Game Pass subscriptions (25 million subscribers according to January figures) participated in the increase in the category “content and services” (+ 4%) with a special mention for the Xbox Game Studios productions that knew Compensate for a drop in diet on the side of the main third -party games. In another register, we also learn that 10 million users have tried the Xbox Cloud Gaming to date.

Like Mars Record Mars recorded by the Xbox Series in the United States, the “equipment” category is also worn and has an increase of 14% compared to the beginning of 2021. Essential, availability, availability From the Xbox Series at the start of the year was therefore up to the beginning of the past year, quite the opposite of a PS5 which never seemed as impossible to find as between January and March. Note that the equipment here represents less than 20% of Xbox turnover.

If the PlayStation 5 started stronger than the Xbox Series (and any other console until the middle of the summer of 2021), the CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that Microsoft began to nibble on market share Faced with his direct rival since last October. Between January and March 2022, Microsoft decrees that the Xbox Series did better than the PS5 (but no better than the Switch) in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

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A happy microsoft, therefore, but not to the point of recovering to reveal the number of consoles sold. And despite the declarations of Phil Spencer according to which the manufacturer would now see too large to communicate on a parameter as secondary as the number of consoles sold, Microsoft is in reality always as anxious to compare its performance to those of his old friend Sony. According to financial director Amy Hood, the production of Xbox Series should, however, bend in the spring of 2022 due to the production lines interrupted in China because of the Cavid-19 pandemic. Microsoft also anticipates a slight decline in its turnover video games for the April-June 2022 quarter.

In its entirety, Microsoft achieved a quarterly turnover close to $ 50 billion and an operational profit of more than $ 20 billion, mirobal results even better than waiting, carried in particular by the apparently infinite growth of Microsoft Azure and cloud in general. In the coming months, the multinational will spend a historic amount of $ 68.7 billion to finalize the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and take off its video game activity towards even higher summits.

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