Marder: What keeps him away from the car?

Marder: What keeps him away from the car?

He actually looks quite cute. But he can cause a real trace of devastation in the engine compartment: the marten is not the driver friend; It is very special about Martes Foina, the stone marten, sometimes also called house martens.

The fact that the furry predators are particularly frequently affected by cars in spring is that there is now a mating season. The male fencing territory fights; The smell of a fellow species moves Mr. Marder in Rage, with aggressive attacks on cables, hoses or insulation mats, he tries to drive away the scent of the rival. Vehicles that are often parked in changing places are particularly affected in foreign areas.

less damage thanks to Corona

Because this has occurred less often than usual during the strict Lockdown, the overall association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) for 2020 reports a slight minus in the marten damage – specifically by seven percent. However, the amount of damage has 90 million euros. After broken glass and game accidents, marten bites provide the third most common damage in the partial comprehensive insurance.

little effective: home remedies

But what helps against the angry biter? Home remedies such as dog hair or cat hair, moth balls, toilet stones or – yes, that also falls one or the other – sprayed urine only make a limited impression on the marten; The effectiveness, according to the automotive club of Germany (AVD), is “rarely scientifically proven”. So -called fragrance remover, as they are offered as a spray or liquid, are of little experience. The AVD even warns of the risk of fire if the rags soaked with fragrance brand remover are not removed before driving.

better mechanically

A wire mesh grille that is put under the car can prove more effective. Other mechanical solutions are also helpful – engine compartment protrusions, for example, bite -proof plastic covers, protective hoses or cable coatings. The trade holds the corresponding accessories, but it should be installed by the specialist workshop, if only to prevent the parts from coming into contact with hot areas of the engine.

acoustic deterrence

In turn, ultrasound devices rely on acoustic deterrence. They are to be attached and connected with relatively little effort. The marten should find the emitted high -frequency tones unpleasant and turn out of the dust. So that the animal does not have a habituation effect, many devices change the frequency continuously.

according to the pasture fence principle

According to many experts, electric shock devices achieve the best effectiveness that work according to the pasture fence principle and hide the marten through electric shocks. The ADAC connects its recommendation with the indication that “the installation of these devices with several hundred volts, but harmless streams, is well considered and executed in terms of material and professional”. Means: the specialist has to go.

special case electric car

And how endangered are electric cars? In principle, they have better protection against marten attacks than combustion vehicles – cladding on the underbody and in the engine compartment form barriers, the high -voltage cables defend themselves with resistant corrugated hoses made of plastic and by shielding. But if the marten succeeds despite all the defense, it can be pretty much in the money. Because if only one high -voltage cable is damaged, the entire cable set must be replaced, and that can cost 7000 euros, as the Allianz Center for Technology (ATZ) stated last September. Under certain circumstances, the total economic damage threatens.

Who pays in the event of a claim?

Incidentally, the partial coverage is responsible for insurance damage. It is worth checking the policy in good time before damage has to be asserted: In addition to the ban on cables or hoses, the often much more expensive consequential damage is not always covered. Needs of cooling hoses, for example, can lead to motor overheating, damaged rubber cuffs to damage to drive or axle joints. The contract may have to be repaired.

Tip: After a marten damage and always when suspicions such as hair, feces, scratches or bite tracks indicate an uninvited guest, thorough motor washing should be carried out, which sells all fragrance brands on safety and prevents further attacks.

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