New aspects of the League of Legends World Championship are revealed

New aspects of the League of Legends World Championship are revealed

The professional league of legends The Edward Gaming team won the World Championship for China in 2021, which means that the masks of this year’s world championship will be modeled around the elections and aesthetics of the champions of that team. After this week’s filtration that revealed those championship masks before, Riot Games has now revealed the complete alignment of Edg’s masks that will arrive at the game. They will be delivered to Zoe, Graves, Viego, Yuumi and Aphelia, and will be launched at some point in this year.

EDG Skins REVEALED - League of Legends

While we have not yet seen the models in the game for the masks of these champions, we have now seen for the first time the official Illustration of the EDG team after its victory last year. From left to right, the champions that are shown in the work of art are then Zoe, Graves, Viego, Yuumi and Aphelia with each of their cosmetics adorned with blue, black and silver.

This may be the first official look at the masks we obtained after its revelation on the Lol Esports Twitter account, but it is not the first look that we have in general if you have been paying attention to some of the LIGA leaks and conversations that they have Place on social networks this week. Before this presentation, the same presentation art circulated online after originating in the Chinese forums according to those who found and shared it. However, EDG shirts mainly use red and black colors, so people were not sure whether this was real or not, but it seems that it is. Some have pointed out that the nickname EDG is sometimes used in the LPL can be an explanation of these colors chosen in the official masks.

Regardless of what colors they were chosen and why, it should not spend much time before these aspects are available for players to buy them. However, before that happens, they will be added to the PBE servers of the game to try them first, so that people can see how they look in the game and how the animations and images of their skills have altered. The previous launches of eSports suggest that we will see some type of package for the staunch fans of EDG and the complete players who want all masks, but naturally you can also buy them individually.

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