A special LEGO Xbox series edition in preparation?

A special LEGO Xbox series edition in preparation?

It is by an enigmatic tweet that Xbox’s French branch has pointed out a few minutes ago. Since then, speculations are going well, but do not be devinable to see the possible reconciliation between Microsoft and the LEGO brand. Unless it’s something else…


It was shortly afternoon that Box France revealed his future surprise. The voluntarily mysterious tweet leaves the bricks and a series of black rounds. Everything is orphan of any message leaving free to all interpretations.

An Xbox with the colors of the Lego brand?

Not easy to interpret a simple diagram made of bricks and rounds, but if we refer to the shape of Microsoft machines currently on the market, one can detect an Xbox s. Unlike its sneakery More powerful, the Xbox Series has a breakdown on one of its flanks. Conversely, the Xbox Series X allows the heat to be exhausting vertically. Looking at the Xbox Tweet scheme, it looks like a Xbox Series S.

Now, after having guessed that, what can it be from the future announcement? Recently, there is certainly the Lego Star Wars game that came out, but the tweet seems to demonstrate a more global vision of the brand. It could be an Xbox Series X with the colors of the LEGO group with, who knows, a design resuming the famous construction bricks. Unless it is related to the Future Lego Bricketale planned this year, but the game is only intended to the PC for the moment.

Rest a detail that may not have escaped connoisseurs…

By looking closer, the brick appearing on the Xbox France scheme does not seem to correspond to the bricks of the LEGO brand! In these conditions, is it a link with Minecraft? The announcement should not hang out, but it is fun to see that a simple tweet can lead to many speculations. One thing is certain: Microsoft and Xbox France prepare something, but what? The mystery remains whole.


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