Ubisoft: PvP-Battle-Arena

Ubisoft: PvP-Battle-Arena

Ubisoft is one of the biggest publishers and developers who are currently in the game industry, you can not least notice how many projects they work at the same time.

Ubisoft's Overwatch Killer | 5 Minute Gaming News
By Twitter, another game with the name Project Q has now been announced that we had recently reported after a leak.
Project Q is a multiplayer experience declared as a team Battle Arena.
The inclined player can be quickly drawn from such statements to drawer thinking, in the direction of Battle-Royal or Moba, Ubisoft has stifled such thinking in the germ and meant under the same post:

“By the way, this game is not Battle Royale.
There will be different PVP modes, all with a target in mind: fun! ”
In the same breath has been mentioned that you have no plans for NFTs and the players learn more if they register for the upcoming tests.
Click here for registration on the Ubisoft page.

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