Thor 4: The god of thunder becomes a woman in Love and Thunder?

Thor 4: The god of thunder becomes a woman in Love and Thunder? Explanation

While Disney revealed the trailer of the next film Thor at the beginning of the week, Internet users around the world discovered a new version of the thunder’s god who disrupted more than 1. The writing of JV offers you to come back to the character of Jane Foster to better understand why this heroine is likely to play an important role in the future of the MCU.


Do not say She-Thor or Lady Thor. Monday, Marvel Studios unveiled the first trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder to raise the hype before the film release on July 13th in Fance. In the latter, we find Thor, embodied by Chris Hemsworth, after the events of avengers: Endgame while he tries to give back meaning to his life. However, the end of the trailer reserves a surprise of size since Mjöllnir, the old iconic hammer of Thor, makes his return. As a reminder, the latter had been destroyed by HELA in thor: Ragnarok and but reappeared in the hands of Captain America in avengers: Endgame. But this time, the divine weapon goes not towards Steve Rogers, nor to Thor, but towards Jane Foster, character embodied by Natalie Portman in the first two movies Thor, which has a mask and a suit that Recalls the original outfit of the God of lightning.

Thor will he be replaced by Jane Foster?

If we knew for a while that Natalie Portman was going to return to the MCU, this ad did the effect of a small bomb on the internet, but also created the confusion in the spirit of some users. To understand what is happening, let’s start by specifying the entry of play that the Thor that we know from the eponymous film released in 2011 is not going to be replaced by Jane Foster ** with love and Thunder and that these are two different characters. Today, we could almost call the thor embodied by Chris Hemsworth “Odinson”, since he is the son of Odin.

To understand what is playing, it is necessary to lean directly on Mjöllnir, the iconic hammer of Thor. When we look at the object more closely, it is observed that it writes on the side of the latter “qualy holds this hammer, if it is worthy, will receive the power of Thor“. Starting from this Definition, one could say that Captain America has become Thor during the events of avengers: Endgame for example. Thus, this reflection scheme also applies in the case of Jane Foster since the latter raises the hammer, which makes it the new Thor of the MCU. However, it does not mean that the thor that has always been known is no longer able to use its powers related to lightning. In Thor: Ragnarok, it is clear that after the destruction of the hammer by Hela, our hero retains his powers since Odin reveals that Mjöllnir was only a catalyst, not the source of his power.

Thor: Ragnarok unveils a trailer in French

but by the way, which is Jane Foster?

As usual with the MCU, you can imagine that this idea to make Jane Foster the new Thor comes directly from the comics. However, the character had been introduced from the first films thor in 2011 and 2013, already incarnated by Natalie Portman. The latter then played the role of a scientist interested in paranormal phenomena while entering a romantic relationship with Thor. Unfortunately, the actress was tired of embodying this character since she was rarely playing an important role during the different adventures of the thunder god. Finally, The teams of Marvel Studios managed to convince Natalie Portman to come back in the MCU by giving him this time a bigger role to play in love and thunder by making her a superherarine as powerful as the other Avengers.

In the comics, Jane Foster replaced Thor for a long time since the god of origin of origin had lost his trust in his divine nature , making him unable to use Mjöllnir. It was then called UNWORTHY THOR (Thor unworthy, with reference to the legend written on the hammer) or Odinson to distinguish it from the new Thor which has never been officially qualified as She-Thor or Miss Thor. While the scientist used the divine weapon, the Asgardian was fighting with a different ax of the stormbreaker that can be seen in the MCU. Unfortunately, Jane’s character experienced a tragic destiny in the comics since the abusive use of Thor’s powers tended to accelerate the development of his cancer, to the point of training his death. If the goddess of lightning interests you particularly, know that the latter should soon land in Marvel’s Avengers as a playable hero to coincide with the movie exit.

Finally, Beyond Jane Foster, let us end by emphasizing that the universe of Marvel comics includes many characters who have at one time or the other the power of Thor . Besides, we can even see one of these characters in Easter Egg in the series Loki broadcast on Disney+. Indeed, in episode five entitled journey into mystery, we can see a plan that crosses the ground in which a frog with a costume reminiscent of that of Thor is locked in a sort of bottle stuck underground. In the universe of comics, he is a character of the name of Throg, word play between frog which means frog and thunder which means thunder, which makes this ampcess the god of lightning of a certain dimension. But beyond the MCU, one of Thor’s best known variations is none other than Beta Ray Bill, an extraterrestrial whose skull looks like a horse’s head and which is also capable of using Mjöllnir. Like what, once again, the name of Thor depends only on the one who can use the divine weapon forged by Odin.


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