Brawl Stars – Season 12: All Skins and News that come to the game

Brawl Stars – Season 12: All Skins and News that come to the game

Brawl Stars prepares to receive a gigantic number of new content on the occasion of the arrival of season 12. Supercell has organized an interesting Brawl Talk in which it has revealed the imminent releases of Janet and Bonnie in Quality of new characters. However, there has also been room to talk about upcoming cosmetics, changes to the system of missions or game modes that are incorporated into the game as of the next update.

All about Brawl Stars season 12

The theme of the new season will be related to the world of circus. In fact, the campaign will receive the name of acrobatic spectacle . Most of the new Skins are characterized by this theme, although there is also a hole for the launch of somewhat more cosmetics that will surely please most of the community. Starting precisely by the Skins, it’s time to review all the news…

All new cosmetics

In total, nine Skins will be launched during the Brawl Stars season 12

BRAWL TALK! - 2 New Brawler Sisters Coming! New Game mode, Season 12 Theme & More!

new game mode and changes

  • Robotic invasion : Two teams of three players will fight to get eight screws. To do so, it will be necessary to defeat a series of bots that will fall from the sky and load with the tools. These bots will hit the character that has been attacked for the last time. You can also win if, after two minutes, we have more screws than the rival.
  • Steler League : Now, each player can ban a Brawler in the selection phase. The blockages must be different from those performed by the members of our team, but they can be the same as those carried out by the enemy.
  • BRAWL BALL : Now the maps will have shock absorbers in which the ball can bounce.

Other settings

Additionally, season 12 will include…

  • New Gadgets
  • New Esports reaction
  • Adjustments to the daily rewards system
  • New icons and reactions in the store
  • New rewards of missions
  • Possibility of changing the missions

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