New World: Developer Working on Dungeon Finder

New World: Developer Working on Dungeon Finder

In a new video to New World, the developers of the Amazon MMORPG have offered insights behind the scenes. Among other things, it was also about a popular feature for dungeons in online role-playing games, but also more comfort features such as affordable server transfers and region changes.

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Affordable server change for New World

Thus, the developers are currently working on the fact that you should be able to change the server for a fee. So far, this is a big problem of the game when servers are empty – players must basically endure until the developers offer server change or simply perform server merger. In the future, however, this should be possible with WOW for a fee as desired. Even the change of region (ie, for example, an EU to an America world) is something that the developers want to implement.

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Dungeon Finder in New World: That’s how he works

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But very interesting is the Dungeon Finder: This should be created for players at the entrance of Dungeons (in New World (Buy 39.99 €) expeditions) – or you just connect other players. This group search will allow even clear indication, how many healers, tanks or DPS fighters needs their needs. On top of that, the distribution of attributes and arms controls will be recognizable to recognize in the Dungeon Finder as to whether an adventurer fits for the sought after.

When does the Dungeon Finder appear for New World? According to DerroadMap the developer for New World in 2022, the new search function for expeditions in summer should find their way into the game. This will then be associated with the publication of a new expedition called “Seepocks and Black Powder”, which will probably have a pirate theme.

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