Fort Boyard 2022: first images and new events, all the details

Fort Boyard 2022: first images and new events, all the details

Annual license and commercial value of the Microid catalog, Fort Boyard will make its return in 2022. The French publisher has just formalized his existence today and reveals us especially that the game will be in the bins on June 23 next PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, except that only PlayStation and Switch versions will be eligible for a physical output, the others being only sold in Digital. A rather malignant way to save money in order to avoid unsolding on platforms either accustomed to dematerialized, less powerful in terms of sales in the hexagon, you will have understood me. Otherwise, this new edition of Fort Boyard will be an opportunity to integrate new components into this well-known SAGA formula, with the possibility this year to travel over time with mythical tests of TV show and kitsch outfits From the 90s. A new event, the famous Willy Rovelli cuisine, will make its debut this year, with probably disgraceful disgraceful dishes to engulf as soon as possible.

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For the rest, we will be in known ground with no less than 44 tests inspired by the TV show, like the revolvers, the mummy, the cursed temple or the giant nail. The iconic emission characters such as Father Fourla, Willy Rovelli, White Judge, Passworm or Although the Masters of Time will be present, while it will be possible to create his own team, shape his war cry and play with family or friends. Hope this new opus is better than the previous ones, even if we know it’s always Balio Studio who is in order and that visually it will not be necessary to expect miracles… Come on, place In the first images of this fort Boyard 2022.

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