Elden Ring in cute: community celebrates small fan project

Elden Ring in cute: community celebrates small fan project

The world of Elden Ring is a threatening. On each corner, monster and other opponents lurk on you to make your own hands on you. To shrink the world, but makes it a little less impacting, as a fan proves now.

Elden Ring in mini-format

Elden Ring is in many concerns huge game: The big world, the abundance of content as well as the partly gigantic opponents contribute to the fact that you feel very small as a player or player.

A fan turns the spit now and builds legendary places of the game digitally tiny. The whole thing looks a bit like an isometric role-playing game created by stop-motion animation. Simply adorable:

So Klitzeklein himself looks like the terrible Caelid somehow cute.

I streamed until I beat Elden Ring. It was a mistake.
* If you need help play through the main story, our guide might interest you to Elden Ring.

Can you play the droll Elden Ring yourself?

Unfortunately, the project of Flurdeh is not a playable mini-Elyden ring. This is merely out of pretty animations, which should show the beauty of the game. (Source: Kotaku)

_Whie nicely elden ring can be, you are best yourself: _

What gives the animations such a soothing feeling is, among other things, the camera view. View from above on the events in Elden Ring – that’s a very different experience as to go directly in action-packed fights .

In addition, the stop motion look gives all a very own charm reminiscent of the films of Tim Burton . All in all: a great version of Elden Ring, which determines a great game. At least that’s what the comments that are enthusiastic about the pretty style.

_Tja, elden ring is a merciless and much less cute game as it suggests fan projects like this. In our ranking you will learn which of the bosses is particularly hard: _

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