Digital Health Care, we do …
 Communication 3, business enlargement

Digital Health Care, we do … Communication 3, business enlargement

The carriers are interested in digital health care business and spurring the market expansion.

According to the industry on the 18th, Digital Healthcare has been in the middle of Corona, and in the middle of the communication 3, the company will be on the project based on the ability of the artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

Digital health care is a medical service that combines information and communication technology (ICT) in an existing health care system. There is an advantage that the bottle can be detected and prevented.

According to the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, the size of the Global Digital Health Industry is $ 152 billion (about 187.3 trillion won), as of 2020, and the Korea market size is estimated to reach 6,4225.7 billion won as of 2019.

In order to foster digital and bio-healthcare businesses, KT made Digital & Bio Health P-TF tissue in the 20drop-to-market (CEO) direct future value promoting. Last year, to strengthen the business, the organization has been enforced into the AI / DX fusion business and upgraded to the ‘Digital & Bio Health Project’.

KT has a US electronic medicine development company that was the first to approve the neurological disease of the US Food & Medicine (FDA). Both companies cooperate for electronic medicine sector products to treat neurological diseases such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), depression, and brain prices.

From this year, we start Vietnam to enter the Southeast Asia Digital Healthcare market. It is a policy that deploys related business in Southeast Asia market, less legal regulation compared to Korea.

KT officials said, “We plan to use ICT capabilities such as AI, AI, Big Data, such as KT, and will continue to develop health data and AI algorithms.”

SK Telecom joined the Related Market, establishing the Healthcare Division in 2020 and establishing the subsidiary ‘Invite Health Care’.

In recent years, we have signed a MOU, a MOU, using multi-kings such as Pyeongchang-gun and Asan Hospital and AI Speaker.

SK Telecom is planning to develop AI-dew Prevention program based on the results of the prevention of the prevention of the prevention.

In addition, we investigate the stake in SK Planet and Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis Technology Bergetis and concentrate on the global market through AI technology cooperation, and support for overseas advance.

Digital Health: The New Frontier of Healthcare - A Different Lens

LG U Plus is in progressing digital health care business associated with LG Electronics.

LG U Plus has a super brain-based dementia and management solution on the ‘Keyswique’ device recently released by LG Electronics. It is a plan to verify business for dementia centers and day care centers in Seoul.

Since last year, a platform for digital healthcare start-ups ‘Hurpriphospoji’ and Health Care Services.

Individual officials said, “The telecommunications company has recently emphasized the remedy business,” said Digital Healthcare, “said Digital Healthcare,” said the Digital Healthcare. “

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