Windows 11 has no chance: Steam shows the sad truth

Windows 11 has no chance: Steam shows the sad truth

Although Windows 11 has been available over half a year now, many have not yet seemed to have switched to Microsoft’s new OS – this shows a current steam statistic that holds further interesting information at the same time.

Steam users continue to set Windows 10

Since October 2021 Windows 11 is already available for Windows 10 users as an upgrade option. But most trust the new operating system roast yet.

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At least PC players are currently more cautious when it comes to the Windows upgrade – this is reflected in the results of the hardware and software survey of Steam from March 2022: Just 16.84 percent of all players are currently putting on Windows 11 – 74.69 percent, on the other hand, Windows 10 continues to be faithful (Source: Steam).

For comparison: Seven months after the start of Windows 10, 36.97 percent of all Steam players have already switched to the new Windows version (Source: PCGamer). The user’s share of Windows 11 grows in direct comparison therefore not even half as fast .

This is not surprising, considering that Microsoft has not strained with fame in recent years when it comes to the topic of Windows updates. Again and again the updates of the operating system for absurd mistakes and problems that have only been made from the world through follow-up updates.

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Windows 7 keeps going on: Steam users remain true to OS legend

Another curiosity of the Steam Survey: In fact, 4.3 percent of Steam users are even running with Windows 7 , while Windows 8.1 only runs to 0.57 percent of all computers.


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Robert Kohlick

For many PC players, an upgrade to Windows 11 is currently not worthwhile. But that could sometimes change during the year. Recently, Microsoft announced that gaming developers can now use DirectStorage technology, which is mainly accelerating loading times rapidly .

Although the feature is running under Windows 10, but Microsoft has already briefed that the largest performance jumps under Windows 11 are reached.

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