[Planning] The next gaming monitor is OLED!
 Lets see the monitor expected in 2022

[Planning] The next gaming monitor is OLED! Lets see the monitor expected in 2022

The world’s largest ICT exhibition, international electronic product fair CES from CES to WIS (WID IT), the largest IT festival in Korea. Announcing and presenting the latest IT trends and electronic devices are held every year every world. The development of the technology is fast and every year is fun and new technologies make me and the hearts of users.

In this IT-related festival or exhibition, IT-based IT technology or products such as electronic devices such as electronic devices such as the artificial intelligence (AI) from artificial intelligence (AI) (IoT) and autonomously traveling electric vehicles, or screens are folded, Opportunities for testing are also available.

In addition, products that are presented in each IT company have different, differentiated technology and electronic devices, and emerges the eyes and ears of users. Among them, the topic and interests of the topic and interest are the “monitor” that is equipped with numerous technologies and functions in the field of hardware. This year, a gaming monitor that combines OLEDs has attracted attention.

Just as the white door is not, it is also more like to look intuitively. I have been introduced this time, a gaming monitor plan, which is expected to be introduced, and I was also pretty interesting with the high performance monitor technologies and gaming features of each IT company. Up to the monitor that boasts a higher performance since the monitor that grafted the OLED display. Let’s look at it now.

Is it suitable for OLED monitor, gaming?

If you want to split the screen type, you can divide with the QLED and the regular LED that adopted the OLED and the backlight with the light source of its own light emission. Among them, the OLED to be described today has a light source of the way to emerge itself, and shows the fast response speed and high contrast ratio because it does not contain separate backlights.

Except for response speed and contrast ratio, it is relatively high compared to other technologies that can be seen as a color reproduction rate that can feel colorful colors more realistic. If you look at these characteristics, you can think that it is better to write with a gaming monitor, while you are doing this, You can feel it.

But this is just a thought that was applied in the past. If you see the high graphics level of recent masterpieces games, your idea will vary. It is because it is a game that is a game that is difficult to distinguish whether it is a game. If you encounter these game screens, it will be understood that the gaming monitor is made of OLEDs.

To unplug the other advantages, the thickness and weight show a great difference. Like the above picture, the OLED is made up of the rescue itself and is simple because it does not require a separate backlight. As a result, the thickness is thinner and the weight is lighter, and the benefits of using the space as well as the benefits of using the space as well as the deployment of the desktop environment.

Simply the OLED on the portable console device is not applied, the user feels a sense of reverence as a difference.

■ OLED gaming monitor released in 2022, what’s going on

Easus Rog OLED PG42UQ, Easus ROG OLED PG48UQ
HDMI 2.1 support console gamers

Each of 42 inches, 48 inches, PC gamers, console gamers, and 4K resolution has been mounted. Connectivity also provides convenience by supporting HDMI 2.1 as well as HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4. Self-base performance is high, with up to 120 Hz rate, and 0.1ms response speed, variable playback, and automatic low-delay mode are available, reducing after image and screen tearing.

It also grows OLED unique fever and number of times. Easus pours a lot of strength to cooling technology in the main board, graphics card, and laptops, which applies to the cooling technology, which is also applied to the OLED panel to maintain low temperatures in focus on cooling with customized heat sinks and internal airflow layout designs. There is a advantage of minimizing the phenomenon.

Acer Predator CG48
High performance and 48 inch conversation

It is often a Predator product of the acer. Among them, the Gaming Monitor is a high performance, while holding a large screen for the CG48. The 4K OLED panel was mounted, and the contrast ratio is 13k: 1, the color reproducibility is 98%. Other HDR10 technology also supports and supports the rate of response speed and AMD free sync of GTG, and shows the rate of 138 Hz.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB
QD-OLED heard?

Although not yet officially announced, Samsung Odyssey G8QNB, one of the monitors with Samsung Odyssey ARK in CES 2022. The monitor is a 34-inch curved monitor of the UWQHD resolution. Among the OLEDs, it is QD-OLED product to apply Quantum and technology, supporting the brightness of up to 1000nits, providing a color reproducibility of 80.7%, and 10-bit color depth.

42-inch LG C2 OLED TV Review -

Designed with a curvature of 1800R and an OLED, a thinner monitor thickness. It is said that the rate of 0.1ms is 0.1 ms response time. The monitor has also increased safety and durability, including the ability of real-time ISC (Image Sticking Correction) that prevents the phenomenon of transition.

Could you feel the emotion of alienware only?

This is the first curved gaming monitor that first introduced the Samsung QD-OLED panel. It shows a 34-inch moderate size, and is also available for 1000nits’s brightness and HDR True Black 400 and a gaming monitor nowadays. It can be seen as a monitor that shows the same rate of 175Hz and reproduces a quick response rate.

In addition, the design and 5-year warranty A / S, which are unique to alienware only, is expected to be unlikely to move consumers’ minds.

Gigabyte Aorus FO48U
Daborative performance and built-in speakers. Palmon Gaming Monitor

I think I know that I already know. The UHD (4K) OLED of the 120Hz scan rate is supported, and the 98% DCI-P3 color reproducibility and 10bit depth are also a monitor. It is currently being sold on the market and is trading at 1450,000 won based on online (Dana).

Gigabyte Aorus FO48U If you are unplugging the list of monitors, you will not be able to miss the built-in audio Space Audio. A variety of audio modes are available for advanced speakers, and in addition to the game, you will see light in a variety of multimedia environments, including movies and music.

Various additional functionality is also installed in the monitor, and you can set it to your taste using gaming OSD, and you can use KVM functionality that shows the unique connectivity of Gigabyte.

LG Ultra Gear 48GQ900
Gaming monitor name, Ultra-ki

Also, too. LG’s panels are different. A low-reflection coating is applied in the panel and the anti-glamor treatment is relatively relative to the TV. The monitor size is 48 inches, and the Bezelie design is more expanding the viewing angle and supporting 4K resolution.

It supports 10bit HDR technology and is presenting a rate of up to 120 Hz. I support HDMI 2.1 and I would like to know that DP port is also supported. Supports GTG 1ms response time and color of DCI-P3 98.5%. With the built-in speakers, of course, the Ultra Gear’s Lanterned Purple LED is also installed on the back. It is scheduled to release this second half, and the contents related to the crazy group or AMD freed is not disclosed.

■ High Quality Problems, OLED Burning Phenomenon

If you see here, you can think of ‘Ahled is also the best?’ If you read the above product introduction, you can check the monitor Burning phenomenon . This is not only the monitor, not only on the monitor, but it is a device with a screen panel, such as a TV, smartphone, and portable game machine.

If you are easily explaining the phenomenon of the number, if you look at the bright light or the sun look at the sun for a long time and look at the other place, you will remain afterimage. This can be seen that this is similar. If the image fixed on the screen continues to be exposed, the afterimage is permanently remains in that part.

OLEDs have a relatively vulnerable structure that is vulnerable to these times compared to other panels. The OLED panel expresses the color close to high contrast ratio, self-light, natural color, but it is due to organic matter because it is in the end, since it is in the end.

In this time, if the life of the device is reached again, it can not be removed again. Of course, it does not have any way. Except for replacing the panel itself, the solve solution is not yet known, but it is because there are many ways to deal with and prevent them sufficiently.

You can use the function such as adjusting the brightness, using the night mode, reducing latency, or turning on it for too long, and it is not allowed to turn on the fully bundle of phenomena. In addition, these days, we are using a variety of substances to increase the life of organic matter used in the OLED panel, and it is a trend to gradually decrease by developing and using more advanced cooling technology.

■ Finish…

Time is flowing and the generation is changed, and the hardware field is also evolving. From folding foldable to steep rollers and variety of funny new technologies, the scope is vibrant and wider. In addition, these products are developed and growing, and the time it takes to be seated in real life is long.

OLED Gaming Monitor is also. Currently, the demand as a TV is still very large, but the gaming monitor is relatively demand. Of course, the products that have not yet been released are.

If these OLED gaming monitors are done by the following OLED gaming monitor products this year, if these OLED gaming monitor products are done, they are certainly expected that demand is expected to be high within the gaming monitor, and it will be possible to capture the minds of gamers.

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