LOL: Korea chooses the first 10 players destined to participate in Asian games

LOL: Korea chooses the first 10 players destined to participate in Asian games

Next September will take place Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou (China). This international competition is undoubtedly less expected than the End of Year World, but still wake up a lot of curiosity. The game level must be very high, especially since who says Asia says Korean and Chinese players. Nature ** of the event is also worth the detour, since in League of Legends it is rare to attend competitions between countries with national teams.

Finally, Moba fanatics know very well the sad destiny that awaits Korean players when they become older… they are forced to retire to do mandatory military service (a small support message for khan ). But in case of victory in Asian games, it is theoretically possible to receive an exemption. While every year we are afraid of losing to Faker , these upcoming Asian games could serve us as an exit.

However, the car should not be in front of the horse. Faker Still not sure of being selected to represent the country of it. In fact, KSPA has announced an pre-selection of 10 players . The T1 icon is there, but after a test phase, only 6 players will be.

10 Pre-selected players with all T1

With such a victorious spring, we already knew that the roster of T1 would arrive strongly at the preselection. The players were crowned LCK champions without losing a single series, so the 5 holders were logically invited to this first list. Also theoretically we could think that going out with these players who play and train every day together would be a very good idea for South Korea… Automation and synergies already exist and there would be no need to train as such.

However, the debate is still aroused about certain positions. Korea really does not lack talent and there are other great individuals that deserve to be studied. In any case, the competition is played with 6 players (a substitute), so it will be necessary to go out with at least one player who does not belong to T1.

  • Top : Zeus (T1), Kiin (Kwangdong Freecs)
  • jungle : oner (t1), canyon (dwg kia)

#LCS Playoff Preview: #100 vs #TL, #EG vs #C9 | 2022 Asian Games Korea Roster
* ADC : GUMAYUSI (T1), Skill (DRX)
* Support : Keria (T1), beryl (DRX)

Asian games take place every 4 years and and two players became present to wear the colors of their country in 2018: Kiin and Faker . For the rest, it would be a great first time.

A public selection process?

At the moment the KESPA has only been communicated in Korean and we will have to wait to learn more. But according to translations made by members of the Twitter community, the next court will be held in public. The 10 players will make matches that will be retransmitted against teams classified in the MSI (excluding Lec and LPL). Therefore, Members will be publicly evaluated and 4 players will be sent home.

Several Korean fanatics have expressed their discontent when judging the process a bit barbarian and, above all, very humiliating ** for those not selected. The world of esports is usually a ruthless world and we are talking about a competition that, although attractive, is still secondary compared to the rest of the season.

The bets are canceled and the coach Kim “ Kkoma ” Jeong-Gyun will have to make some difficult decisions. We do not see a world in which Faker has gone, but otherwise, everything is very open… In the jungle, there will be a great match between the rise star oner and canyon , a player accompanied throughout the year by the Korean coach.


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