Final Fantasy XIV Hatching

Final Fantasy XIV Hatching

The Easter has come to Final Fantasy XIV with the return of Hatching-Tide, a seasonal event full of eggs and bunnies. The event lasts until April 27, 2022 and gives you the opportunity to unlock a couple of new elements, including a new emoticon with egg theme. Here is your guide for Final Fantasxy XIV Hatching-Tide 2022!

Hippity, Hoppity, happily

Hatching-Tide 2022 consists of a single level 15, “Hippity, Hoppity, Happily”. This mission can be accepted from the NPC Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania in X: 10.2, and: 9.4.

After talking to her, you will go to X: 5.3, and: 7.8 near the Botanical Guild at Old Gridania. The NPC Nonotta will talk about some mysterious creatures that are causing problems and will send you to speak with several witnesses in Gridania.

The first can be found in x: 8.3, and: 8.5. After talking to the bewildered botanist, several objective markers are shown in New Gridania. However, only one of these is needed to advance in the search.

In New Gridania in X: 12.6, and: 13.4, talk to the NPC Hatching-Tide Helpmeet. You will ask you to complete the Fate «Happiness is a warm bunny»

Happiness is a warm bunny

He FATE is located in the southern part of Central Shaud , around X: 25, and: 29 (it will be marked while the mission is still active). Here, you must trap Happy Bunnies using the Seize action, which is granted while the destination lasts. Pressing Seize close to a bunny will capture it, and the amount captured will determine your reward at the end. Getting a gold at the Fate gives you 10 eggs of fortune, which is enough for the main reward of Hatch-Tide 2022 **.

If you do not get gold in your first attempt (or want to earn enough eggs from fortune for each reward), the FATE is frequently generated; You will need a total of 15 eggs for the 3 rewards.

Rewards of eclosion tide missions 2022

After completing the Fate at least once, he returns with Jihli Aliapoh at Old Gridania (which is now accompanied by Nonotta) to finish the mission. Complete the mission gives you the Minion Hatching Bunny.

For the rest of the articles, you must go to the NPC Dreamer in Old Gridania in X: 10.2, and: 9.2. They sell the gesture eating egg by 9 eggs of fortune, egg samples basket and tide hatching mobile housing items by 3 each, and magical prisms (Hatching-Tide) for 1 piece.

Hatching Tide 2022 Event! - Condensed Summary!

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