Horizon Forbidden West Tips – All coils and tissues and their effects

Horizon Forbidden West Tips – All coils and tissues and their effects

Horizon Forbidden West offers a pretty good selection of outfits and weapons with which you can equip Aloy. There are several rarities that affect the number of slots, skills and benefits as well as on ammunition types and damage. Creating upgrades can also be quite time consuming, but worthwhile, if you are concerned with the most difficult challenges.

But upgrading weapons and outfits is half the rent – if you properly maximize a set of min-maximize elementary weaknesses or simply want to use certain benefits, then coils and weaves are also worth a look. Imagine these as Horizons equivalent to decorations of Monster Hunter. Coils fit in weapons while Weaves fit in armor.

Everyone offers a specific advantage such as X percent increased crack damage or armor or +2 permanent bridging. Depending on the rarity of a coil or a tissue, the advantages are larger. You can buy coils and weaves at each hunting agency or stitch – the further you come into the game, the higher the rarity. They are also found in chests and can be dropped by killed enemies. Certain +2 Skill Weaves can only be obtained by upgrading Legendary Armor – go here for more details on how to collect them all.

Let us go through all the different coils in the game and what you do:

  • Melee Follow-Up – Caused after a successful melee word for a short time increased damage.
  • High Ground Damage – The damage to enemies when shooting from the hill is increased.

  • Frost – Increases frost damage along with the construction of the frost status.
  • Fire – Increases the caused fire damage along with increasing fire construction.
  • Sharpshot Tear Damage – The crack damage with a sharpshot bow is increased.
  • Air Mind damage – The damage against flying enemies is increased.
  • Acid – The acid damage caused is increased while the acid status is built faster.
  • Adhesive – Increases the structure of the adhesive status effect, which means that enemies can be slowed down with fewer shots.
  • Cross damage – Increased crack damage to armor.
  • Shock – Increase the damage caused by shock and increase the shock structure.
  • Plasma and shock plasma and shock damage and its status structure are increased.
  • Cleaning water and frost – the damage of cleaning water and frost is increased together with its status structure.
  • Overdraw Damage – only applies to weapons with OverDraw. Using OverDraw increases the damage caused.

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* Plasma plasma damage is increased. The structure for the plasma status is also increased.
* Immediate corrosion opportunity – if you make enemies with impact, explosion or etch damage, there is a chance to start corroding immediately.
* Chance for immediate punishment – if you make enemies with impact, explosives or cleansing water damage, there is a chance that you will be soaked immediately.
* Explosive – Increases explosive damage.
* Purgewater – The damage caused by Purga will be increased together with the buffer rate of the purifier status.
* Draw speed – increases the draw speed of a weapon, causing arrows much faster, spikes to throw ready and much more.
* Component plan – elevated crack damage to external resources (such as containers).
* Burning enemy damage – When enemies burn, the impact and explosion damage added to you will be increased.
* Immediate brittleness – when an opponent is hit with impact, explosion or frost damage, there is a chance that it will immediately become brittle.
* Immediate confusion – if you meet enemies with any kind of damage, there is a chance that it gets immediately in a confused state.
* Knockdown Power – increases the chance to deflude an enemy and to bring it into serrated.
* Knockdown Damage – Increases damage to depressed opponents.
* Multiple enemy damage – if attacks make more than one enemy, they cause increased damage.
* Impact damage – impact damage is increased.
* Shielded enemy damage – when enemies are shocked, the impact and explosion damage added is increased.
* Agility damage – the damage caused during slide or traps is increased.
* Critical hit chance – increases the critical hit chance.
* Long-distance damage – if you attack from afar, add increased damage.
* Referee speed – the recharge speed of the weapon is increased. Increases the recharge speed of a weapon
* Damage over time – drill spikes, shredders, staggerbeams and so on causing increased damage over time.
* While enemy damage – when enemies are soaked, the impact and explosion damage added is increased.
* Concentration damage – increases the damage caused in concentration mode.
* Melee damage – Increases damage caused from close proximity.
* Camouflage damage – increases the damage that is added suspects or unaccepted enemies.
* Immediate Brand Chance – If an opponent is hit with impact, explosion or fire damage, there is a chance that it is burning immediately.
* Chance for immediate slowdown – if you make an opponent with impact, explosion or adhesion damage, there is a chance that it is slowed immediately.
* Corrosive enemy damage – When enemies are corroded, the impact and explosion damage added to you will be increased.

Next, let us go through all different types of tissues and their action.

  • Plasma defense – The defense against plasma damage is increased.
  • Frost defense – The defense against frost damage is increased.
  • Quiet movement – reduced chance to be discovered by enemies. Also sounds that arise while driving are reduced.
  • Heavy lift – When using heavy weapons, the movement speed is increased.
  • Heavy weapons – the damage of heavy weapons is increased.
  • Permanent override – The override time for machines is increased, which means that you stay overwritten for a long time.
  • Low health ranged – if health is low, ranging attacks cause increased damage.
  • Resonator construction – resonator energy is built faster.
  • Resonator damage – more caused damage when an opponent is energized.
  • Low health defense – if health is below 25 percent, defense is increased.
  • Reserved – The visibility for enemies is reduced.
  • Soft spear – Reduced noise of melee attacks.
  • Potent medicine – heal faster and restore more health when using berries.
  • Drank competence – potions are consumed faster and restore more health.
  • Acid defense – The defense against acid damage is increased.
  • Smoke bomb capacity – increases the number of smoke bombs that can be kept.
  • Endurance regeneration – the recovery rate of stamina is increased.
  • Weapon Distribution – Weapon Distance is increased.
  • Machine damage – causes more damage with override set machines.
  • Machine element – causes more elementary damage with override set machines.
  • Stealth Fangamp – while shooting on enemies from stealth mode, the damage caused is increased.
  • Falling limit – the number of traps that can be set up at any time is increased.
  • Valor Surge Master – The rate of contrapy generation is increased.
  • Shock Defense – The defense against shock damage is increased.
  • Melee defense – The defense against melee damage is increased.
  • Distance defense – Defense against distance damage is increased.
  • Concentration regeneration – increases the step of passive concentration regeneration.
  • Silent Strike + – The damage of Silent Strike is increased.
  • Purga Defense – Defense against purifier damage is increased.
  • Silent Strike Gain – When Silent Strike is used, you will receive weapons duration and earn more bravery.
  • Silent Strike Heal – When using Silent Strike, the health is restored.
  • Heat defense – Defense against fire damage is increased.
  • Experienced Salvager – When decomposing traps, more resources are collected.
  • Resonator Blast – When triggering a resonator Blast, the damage caused is increased.
  • Medicine capacity – increased load capacity for medical berries.
  • Bravery when impact – if you attack enemies, more bravery is gained.
  • Critical hit – Critical hit damage is increased.
  • Beritten defense – When using a riding, the damage suffered will be reduced.
  • Kraftaniff – Kraftanschr√§nten direct more damage.

Horizon Forbidden West is available for PS4 and PS5. Take a look at our test here together with tips and tricks here.

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