How to make a snail cake in Lost Ark

How to make a snail cake in Lost Ark

Cake with a roll of snails is one of the simplest collectibles in Lost Ark. Before you can get access to one of the areas, you will need to go pretty far from the storyline of Roendel. Secret recipe is the simplest part of this collectibles.

How to Get a Secret Recipe in Lost Ark

Go to the NPC named Orelda in a glass lotus lake. Its location is noted above. You must bring her mutual understanding to the maximum before she gives you a secret recipe. We continued to give her gifts until she reached a maximum. When you have a secret recipe, it’s time to collect snails.

You can find all the snails in Elzowin’s Shade in the areas we noted above. Snails required a few seconds to appear again after collecting. We recommend to follow the eastern side of our card up and down until you collect 200 snails.

Where to make Snails Roll Cake cake in Roendel

After you finish the hunt for snails, visit the Ailara, NPC in Rothun to create Magick Albino Snail. You can find its exact location on the map above. Ask her to make a magic snail-albino for 1600 silver.

When she finishes, ask her to bake a cake with a roll of a snail for 3100 silver. When you have a snail cake, Right-click and it will be added to the journal of the adventure crawler.

Lost Ark Snail Cake Roll Farming Rohendel

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