Nexon, Supercat RPG Newly 2nd Domestic and Global Publishing Agreement

Nexon, Supercat RPG Newly 2nd Domestic and Global Publishing Agreement

[Data provided: Nexon]

** \ – The Korea-Japan Large Response to the 1990s


** \ – 2 new work, acquiring domestic and global rights,

Nexon said today (11th), which has entered into the domestic and global publishing agreement of new and in Super Cat RPG.

is a casual MMORPG, which is developing a well-known IP Well-known IP Prayer, Super Cat RPG reinterprets Mobile and PC version. It is a masterpiece that was popular in the 1990s as a unique dot graphics and a combat with speed.

The main character of the original ‘Athaho’s, Linx,’ Sumashu ‘, as well as the story of’ Sumashzu ‘, as well as the character and world view of other’ Line Seat series’, I did it.

In addition, will be able to showcase Nexon and Supercat RPG to large MMORPG.

Nexon will acquire the Korea and Global Services Requirements of the and , and expand the new dema-life of MMORPG genre to strengthen the lineup.

Kim Young, Supercat RPG, said, “I am very pleased to be able to collaborate with Nexon through this publishing agreement,” said Kim Young, “I am very pleased to collaborate with Nexon,” said, “” The country of the wind, ” Both of them will do their best to provide better service. “

Lee Jung Heon said, “The rebirth of the <Circular Feet, which was popular in the 1990s, and a large MMORPG is an amorphous supercat RPG,” Nexon’s abundant publishing capabilities and supercat RPG only I will show you a game that is high and completed. “

Meanwhile, Nexon enforced strategic investment in January 2018 Supercat. Founded in 2016, Super Cat is a developer with strengths on developing multiplayer games based on dot graphics.

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Mobile MMORPG <Best of the Wind Nexon is a representative game, , and and , a mobile game. Super Cat established a subsidiary “Supercat RPG” that develops Mobile RPG on April 5th.

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