At the “Kirby Discovery of Stars”, the “Hammer Large Jump” bug collects attention. Jumping up, jump to the heaven

From Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Switch, “Kirby Discovery of Stars” released in March this year. In this work, various discoveries have been made so far, and the community is crowded. Such seems to have found a bug technique that could skip boss match.

Attention was attracted at this new bug technique that’s a game play video of this work from the Twitter user who posted on April 9. This place is the buildup stage of the early steering grass. In a battle area surrounded by a blue wall, it is a scene that fights wild edges, which is a middle boss, and rescue the captured Waddardi.

Originally, defeat the wild edge and erases the blue wall and head to the source of Waddardi. However, in the image, he jumped over the wall with a large jump to the height that can not be normal, and rescues Waddardi. I have cleared the stage despite not being defeated by the wild edge.

The condition of this large jump bug has a copy capacity hammer. It does not seem to be an evolutionary embodiment even in the initial state. And if you’re hovering and break the hammer in the air, the large jump will activate when you move the hammer in the air and carry out a hovering operation again with the landing. In addition, this bug discoverer is not a madori, but it is an overseas player.

This bug this time, for example, the boss of the battle stage of Blizard Bridge will also skip. In addition, since it can be jumped to a considerable height, it seems that it can be reached or can be jumped out of the map. There is a report that it is built up to an unexpected place. However, it seems that there may be disadvantages such as the camera does not follow correctly.

The hammer’s downturn action is a very unusual specification in this work of bouncing a little after hitting. Hovering may have a high degree of highness, and if you keep flounding, something may occur when the hammer’s bouncing is associated with the hammer’s bounce. On the SNS, you also see how this bug is incurred and you consider enthusiastically.

If you can skip boss battle, this bug may be introduced to a speed run. At the moment, it is not possible to use this bug in the play of the Top Runker (Any%) of this work registered in SPEEDRUN.COM. However, Dangers, who has recorded second place at the time of writing this paper, is looking for a quick use of use. Anyway, an optimal scene that incorporates a large jump bug may be established. Of course, Nintendo may have corrective action.

“Kirby Discovery of Stars” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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