World Cup organizers give exploitation of workers in Qatar

World Cup organizers give exploitation of workers in Qatar

After renewed allegations of Amnesty International, the World Cup organizers in Qatar admitted the exploitation of workers related to football tournaments in the country.

This reported the US news agency “AP” at the early Thursday morning citing an opinion. The human rights organization had previously published a report and private security companies in Qatar accused the exploitation of work migrants.

These are “serious human rights violations”, which corresponded to “partially forced labor”, said Amnesty on Wednesday. Thus, workers had to do their will and threat of punishment work. “Some of them had to work up to 84 hours of the week – and with the knowledge of the Qatar government,” criticized the human rights organization.

Not kept on rules in several areas

Three companies would not have held on rules in several areas, it was said in the opinion of the World Cup organizers according to AP. There were therefore private security companies clamped by the Club World Cup and the Arabia Cup.

“These violations were absolutely unacceptable and have led to a number of measures, including placing contractors on observation lists or black lists to prevent them from working on future projects – including the FIFA World Cup – before these contractors the Ministry of Labor for further investigations And punishment were reported, “said it.

Amnesty relied for the new report on talks with staff of eight security companies. In it, employees complain, they would withhold free days and holidays. “We work from January to January, from Sunday to Sunday, no free day,” the organization quotes a security guard from Uganda. Other employees have been reduced the salary if they could not work because of illness.

Wachmen were suspended forced labor

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At least three companies have been borrowed security staff on World Cup projects and events of the FIFA World Association, it was said. Again, some of the guards had been suspended forced labor. “Our findings again show that the Catar government is not seriously effortless to implement their own laws and to draw those accounting for them,” explained the Amnesty expert for the Middle East, Katja Müller-Fahlbusch.

The rich emirate is repeatedly accused of the exploitation of work migrants and other human rights violations. Katar’s government rejects allegations and introduces reforms. So the Kafala system had been reduced. This binds foreign workers firmly to a domestic voucher such as an employer and opens exploitation often door and gate. In Qatar, migrants can leave by law without the consent of their employer or change the job. Criticize human rights activists, officially the Kafala system was abolished, “de facto” but still there.

The Football World Cup begins on November 21st and goes until 18 December. In response to human rights violations, recalls after a boycott had become loud in recent months.

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