Warcrow, a new line of fantasy games, announced by Corvus Belli

Warcrow, a new line of fantasy games, announced by Corvus Belli

The Spanish Game Editor Corvus Belli has announced a new line of fantasy board games. Bar of war is a new table IP that will be launched at the end of this year. Two Bar of war Games were announced by the publisher: the Warcrow_ Mazmorrian Tracker and a Full War War Game Titled _ War War Adventures Warcrow_ will have a kickstarter launch at Kickstarter at the end of this year, while _ Care of war_ will be launched in 2023. As part of the initial ad, Corvus Belli launched a progress of the new game, which can be seen below:

Corvus Belli is best known for his game of skirmish inspired by science fiction. Infinity, _ that uses an aesthetics inspired by the anime and very detailed metal miniatures. While it is not as known as games like _warhammer 40,000, infinito is still one of the best considered table miniature games available today. We will notice that Corvus Belli previously published a line of Warcrow miniatures, but were suspended in 2003.

In a subsequent video published at the beginning of this Semanacorvus Belli provided some more details about the world of war of war_ the games will be set in “a classic fantasy atmosphere that presents recognizable elements of gender but, at the same time, includes new ideas created by Corvus Belli ». The scenario will include elves, humans, dwarves and orc, as well as new breeds created by Corvus Belli. Warcrow is a universe of fantasy where different nations must decide which role they will have in the events of their world. Carry out what they know, fight for what they believe, discover the mysteries that surround them, protect their civilization or advance towards their destination, “says the description of the world.

Warcrow - Whispers of Lindwurm 01 (English)
You can check the Warcrow website for more details. As they are available. Wait for more details to be announced later this year.

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