Taste name “Punched Punch”-“Gaming Sake” CF Soon

SakeBottlers announced that it will start selling a gaming bottle can in the cloud Funding site Campfire at the cloud funde site Campfire, “ * 「 “. did.

“Gaming Rainbow” is a video game that is not limited to video games as possible. The taste is expressed as “squatting big punch”, and aims to be a good taste like a special move, not a good taste, not a normal technique, and that the alcohol frequency is also low so that it is not too drunk. am. Brewing is commissioned by Tsuta Sake of Gunma Prefecture. Not only the image of the taste of Tsuda and “Punched Punch” is not only different, but it seems to have become a decisive fact that Mr. Tota, who is the president, is a former Capcom employee.

Speaking of beverages for games, there are images of an energy drink, but the company’s 20’s and thirties men, who surveyed three women surveys, people who can drink can beer and rich high “The room for sake is large.”

The illustration of the label is the “Street Fighter” series and the “Limit escape” series of illustrations and the illustration of Virtual YouTuber “Awaki” character design and “Fate / Grand Order” illustrations, etc. Mika Pikazo There are two types of.

“Gaming Rainbow” starts forward sales from 12:00 today at Campfire. Returns such as replication originals and goods are also available, so how are you about to support if you are interested?

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