The Xbox Series X will propose a dedicated audio chip

The Xbox Series X will propose a dedicated audio chip

As the year goes, we are getting closer and closer to the exit of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has already published information about using twelve taraflops, as well as Hardware Accelerated Directx Ray Tracing, and We have now received an update on this kind of audio processing we can expect this fall.

In a recent interview with VGC, the Xbox Studio Ninja Theory audio team said a few words about the dedicated audio chip that Microsoft uses in the Xbox Series X.

_ “It’s extremely exciting,” the Senior Daniele Galante sound designer said about the new console. “We will have a dedicated chip to work with the audio, which means we will not finally be fighting with programmers and artists for memory and processor power.” _

The dedicated audio chip promises to eliminate the need for a system to sacrifice the sound quality to facilitate the other needs of the console. In other words, developers will no longer need to downgrade the audio quality, for example, for the game to be more beautiful or more fluid. The audio leader of Ninja Theory, David Garcia, added:

Xbox Series X 3D Audio Chip | Xbox Series X Dedicated Audio Hardware Acceleration
_ “We hold for granted that graphics are powered by their own video cards. But in audio, we had nothing like this. We now have some power that is dedicated to us. »_

_ “I really like the way Microsoft gives us more tools to improve sound and be more creative,” says Garcia _. “Because in the end, it’s not a question of” we want more memory because we are cooler “, we just want to be able to do our job without thinking about the limits.” _

_ “The creation of games always makes you think of the technical limits”, _ he added . “Finally, these limitations become less and less as you move with new consoles, but at the same time, it’s always a constant thing: it’s the maximum number of votes we may have, otherwise the game will take late. “

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