PlayStation Boss makes fun of new acquisitions

PlayStation Boss makes fun of new acquisitions

PlayStation has confirmed that it has more acquisitions on the way, which should not do more than fan some existing flames on the Internet. In recent years, there has been a massive procurement war between Microsoft and Sony. At the beginning of 2022, Microsoft announced that it would acquire Activision for billions of dollars about a year after closing their treatment with Bethesda. These are two of the most notable acquisitions in industry history, but Microsoft has been swallowed many other studies in the last decade. PlayStation has also been fighting good battle, acquiring people as insomniac and, more recently, the creator of Destiny and Halo, Bungie.

PlayStation is not over either. During a recent episode of Playstationel Podcast Director of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, he said there are more acquisitions on the horizon. “We are growing through the acquisition. We acquired five studies throughout 2021. We are in conversations with Bungie. And we have more planned, “Ryan said. For many, this is not a big surprise, since the company suggested earlier this year, but it comes at a remarkable moment. Rumors have been circulating from within that PlayStation approaches a really great acquisition. Some have speculated that it is fromSoftware, the team behind the Souls games and the very dear anillo of Elden but nothing has been confirmed.


At this time, there are not many remarkable rumors about what is the next movement of PlayStation. It is likely that all those involved in a possible acquisition will swear a great secret and leave it out of the bag too soon could prevent any agreement from advancing. Nor is it clear when Sony could announce his next acquisition. It seems unlikely that the platform holder will make more events before the summer, so it is possible that an acquisition abruptly on a random day of the week, as he did with Bungie.

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