Lost Ark will reveal in April his next road map

Lost Ark will reveal in April his next road map

Since its successful initial launch, Lost Ark hMarch update not stopped evolving, but players are already anxious about more novelties, in part due to the early arrival of the March update. In this way, from Smilegate have left details about dates and already point out one: during this month will detail the road map with the contents that will arrive during the same April and May also .

In a post in the official blog of the game, the study hMarch update also anticipated which are some of these news, among which are even new clMarch updateses. However, and despite the expected of this content update, in Smilegate they have no hurry to specify it, even knowingly about the frustration of the players, March update they ensure “prioritize quality and precision over development speed and launch “.

Very important updates during April and May

Roadmap *DELAYED!*.. So, What's ~COMING NEXT?~ in Lost Ark.. (Upcoming Content in Lost Ark Global)
March update we said, they have not specified on what date this roadmap will come, but what kind of content we can expect, stating that most of the feedback received from the community, with which players can have expectations about functions And very expected news.

“When this roadmap arrives, it will provide a first look at the clMarch updateses that are yet to come, incursions and other news that we are pointing to launch during our content updates in the months of April and May,” they say in the post. “It will not be seen every change or event, problem solving or quality of life included in weekly updates during these months. In fact it is even possible that this changes bMarch updateed on feedback and the data we receive “, Leaving it clear that all they plan to launch during these two months can even receive lMarch updatet-minute changes on the fly.

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