Battlefield 2042: Hundreds of changes in April

Battlefield 2042: Hundreds of changes in April

Battlefield 2042 News - HUGE April Update Hundreds of Changes! | BATTLEFIELD
The next update to get Battlefield 2042 back to the track will appear in April.
In the forum of Electronic Arts, community manager Straatford87 wrote what players can expect from the update for which there is no precise date yet.
Accordingly, there will be some hundreds of changes for the game.
These are mainly error corrections for the shooter, which had a catastrophic start last year.
Furthermore, balancing should be an adjustment in vehicles and behavior of some weapon attachments.

In addition, VoIP and a scoreboard is added to the end of a round.
Full patch notes are currently being put together and are then available upon publication of the update in which all changes will be listed.

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